DHC Bubble Foaming Mesh

I love the eccentricity of Asian beauty brands and the way they really push the boundaries with their skincare products, so when I was approached to try out a new launch from Japanese brand DHC I was very excited!


The DHC Bubble Foaming Mesh (RRP £2)* is a simple idea but genius!  Designed transform any foaming cleanser into a heap of dense, extra fluffy bubbles. You simply wet the netting, apply your facewash on to the netting and rub. Then holding the ring with one hand, you squeeze out the foam with the other and you’ll have a hand full of foam! Finally cleanse and voila, job done!

The idea behind the net is to make your cleansing as gentle and effective as possible, as well as making your cleanser last longer and you can use any cleanser as long as it’s a foaming one. I loved the soft, luxurious foam it created and the way that it cleansed without dragging my skin. It’s definitely upped my cleansing routine and taken even mediocre cleansers and given them a lot more oomph!



I tried the mesh with the DHC Face Wash Powder (50g, RRP £9.50) which itself is a genius product. Described as a silky-soft powder facial cleanser that transforms upon contact with water into luxurious, dense lather. The Face Wash Powder is ideal for travelling if you want to avoid leaky bottles and it also ensures your facial wash stays completely fresh and the ingredients remain active even after opening.  Exfoliating protease enzymes in this cleanser also help break up dead skin cells and pore-clogging dirt with ease, making this foaming cleanser gentle enough for daily use, and moisturising honey and sodium hyaluronate also ensure the skin feels hydrated and cared for.

The Powder Face Wash and Bubble Foaming Mesh are perfect partners if you want to enjoy a thorough yet gentle cleanse and at £2 this is one beauty innovation that won’t break the bank so is well worth trying out!

*PR Sample

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