Pink Parcel – June 2016

Pink Parcel this is a monthly subscription service that aims to make your period something to look forward to rather than dread. Its unique selling point is the reliable delivery of essential sanitary items along with a handful of beauty treats and snacks, and it’s one of my favourite deliveries of the month!

This month, on the back of customer feedback, Pink Parcel have made some small changes to the boxes. Gone are the feminine hygiene products, and there are two or three fewer sanitary products per box (clearly I wasn’t the only one slowly collecting tampons as I couldn’t use them fast enough!), which means the price has reduced slightly too – whoop!  

So what is inside the box this month? Read on to find out!



First up is the Model Co Power Lash Mascara (RRP £24) which promises to give lashes some serious Va-Va-Voom, with its long-lasting, formula!

Moving on we have a very cute macaron shaped Bubble T Lip Balm (RRP £3) in Hibiscus & Acai Berry Tea. A great addition to anyone’s handbag, the balm is very moisturising when the temperatures start to rise and your lips begin to feel parched.

If you’re prone to temperamental skin at that time of the month the next product, a Ooharr Face Mask (various, RRP £1.50) is perfect. I received the Dead Sea Cooler Deep Cleansing Mask which is fantastic at soothing irritated skin and preventing hormonal breakouts. I’ve actually featured these masks on the blog previously!

Next up is a duo of travel sized skincare treats. If you’re going away for a few nights the Amie Matte Finish Moisturiser and Purifying Facial Wash (RRP £1) would be the perfect travel companions to take with you. Gentle, natural formulations ensure all skin types will benefit from Amie skincare.

The goodies keep coming and next out of the box is a pack of NPW Halo Nail Stickers & Gems (RRP £1.50). I love doing my nails but rarely have time to do nail art, so these easy to use stickers are a great way to cheat your way to fabulous nails!

The final treat will be familiar to regular Pink Parcel subscribers. Bandzee (assorted designs, RRP £4.95) are fashion forward hair ties that are kind to the hair and look great worn on the wrist too.


Each month the box features some tasty treats and lifestyle goodies and in the lineup this month is a Joe & Stephs Gourmet Salted Caramel Popcorn, a Teashed Emergency Tea Teabag, and an Imperial Candles Scent Melt (RRP £1.99). 10 subscribers will find a piece of jewellery inside their melts but sadly I wasn’t lucky enough. The melt still smells lovely though!


As always, included in each month’s box is an ample selection of tampons or sanitary towels (you choose your product type and brand), a handful of panty liners, and a pack of Fab Little Bag tampon disposal bags (RRP £1.99), which make disposing your sanitary items discreet, hygienic and eco-friendly.

This month’s Pink Parcel contains a varied assortment of fantastic treats and at £10.50 per month it is incredible value. If you’re always making a mad dash to buy emergency sanitary products because you’ve run out, or you simply want an excuse to treat yourself why not give Pink Parcel a try?

Take a look at the Pink Parcel website to find out more and get your first parcel for just £6.99!

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4 thoughts on “Pink Parcel – June 2016

  1. gsymoo says:

    So glad they’ve got rid of the feminine hygiene products. I stopped getting this box because they were a product I’d never use – I might start getting pink parcel again now!

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