AA Skincare Amla and Clary Sage Rejuvenating Shampoo

Natural beauty products are becoming increasingly popular as people shun ingredients such as SLS, Parabens, and artificial colours and fragrance, and what was once only a very niche market has now become mainstream. AA Skincare is one such brand leading the way in making natural skincare affordable and accessible and now they’ve launched a range of shampoos that replace harsh stripping agents found in some shampoos with beneficial essential oils that nourish the hair and scalp. I was recently sent one to put through its paces, so how did I get on?


The AA Skincare Amla and Clary Sage Rejuvenating Shampoo (RRP £5.94)* we are told is suitable for all hair types but is particularly good for soothing irritated scalps, and to help strengthen roots and prevent hair loss. If you have issues with thinning hair or suffer with an irritated scalp this shampoo sounds like the perfect choice.

The shampoo has a clear gel consistency and it smells very herby, thanks to the natural essential oils. For me however the fragrance was a little too strong, but knowing it is not an artificial scent means it isn’t a deal breaker. You don’t need much shampoo to produce a good lather, but like most SLS / SLES free shampoos I’ve used I found I needed a second wash to ensure my hair felt squeaky clean and that all styling product buildup was removed.


The key ingredients in this shampoo are Lemon oil which adds shine and regulates oil production, Amla (Indian Gooseberry) oil which is rich in vitamin C so can help scalp health, Clary Sage to really cleanse the scalp and hair, and Grapeseed oil to moisturise.

I found the shampoo to be very effective at cleansing the hair and it rinses out well, but if your hair is colour damaged like mine is I would definitely follow up with a good conditioner as used alone the shampoo for me cleansed the hair a little too well and left my hair feeling a little dry. For normal to oily hair however I think you’d be absolutely fine to just wash and go.

You can find the AA Skincare Amla and Clary Sage Rejuvenating Shampoo here.

If you use a natural or SLS-free shampoo i’d love to hear which is your favourite!

*PR Sample

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