Comvita MediHoney Wound Gel

Manuka Honey is famed for its amazing health benefits, promoting healing, soothing inflammation and reducing the risk of infection, so its use in skincare is not surprising. 

The MediHoney Natural Skin care range by Comvita utilises medical grade Manuka Honey in its all-natural formulations, which are suitable for all the family and especially recommended for sensitive, dry or eczema prone skin. From a soap free skin wash, moisturising lotions and creams, to the wound gel I was sent to review, the dermatologically tested range has all the basics needed to soothe and nourish delicate skins.

The MediHoney Antibacterial Wound Gel (25g, RRP £9.99)* is a three in one gel that can be applied to cuts, grazes and burns to clean, encourage healing and protect. The formula, which contains only sterilised, medical grade Manuka Honey and a gelling agent, feels very hydrating and soothing. Applied on any scratch or burn you get, it very quickly calms the skin and takes down any redness.

The wound gel works by creating a moist, low pH environment to promote healing. It also cleans the wound by naturally drawing out dirt and debris, then reduces the risk of infection thanks to the antibacterial properties of this unique honey.

The wound gel has a lovely honey aroma and a thick balm-like texture. If your skin is particularly tender or sore I would recommend dabbing the gel on rather than rubbing it in. Alternatively you can apply the gel directly onto a clean dressing and then cover the wound.

The Comvita MediHoney Wound Gel is the perfect addition to your family’s first aid kit. If you work in a kitchen where you often get burns, regularly get nicks or scratches when gardening, or are a keen runner and suffer blisters or rubbing, this gel would be ideal to have close by to help soothe and heal.

You can purchase the Comvita MediHoney range Holland & Barrett stores nationwide.

*PR Sample

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