When Sheet Masks

Created by a Korean healthcare specialist, who wanted to bring the high-quality sensitive skin treatments from dermatologist clinics into the home, When face masks are unique sheet masks that utilise advanced bio-cellulose technology.

The all-natural, coconut-derived bio-cellulose sheet is gentle enough to treat burn patients, and can hold fluids up to 100 times its dry weight, which is 10 times more than your average fabric sheet masks, making them ultra hydrating. The bio-cellulose sheet’s superfine, 3-dimensional fibres also enable superior dermal contact for a perfect fit that prevents evaporation and wastage of the serum, locks in moisture and allows the serum’s nutrients to be delivered to the skin.

Each When mask sheet is infused with intensely hydrating, yet gentle, lightweight serum containing sodium hyaluronate, ginseng extracts, and top quality effective ingredients and plant extracts to help keep your skin happy, healthy and glowing. All masks are Parabens and Benzophenone free and are really simple to use. Just remove the 3-layer mask from the pouch, unfold and discard the top and bottom layers, leaving only the middle layer which is the bio-cellulose mask. Place this over your face then after 30 mins, remove the mask and gently massage any remaining essence into your skin.

The product lineup includes 5 unique masks and each mask has a special function and usage. These include: The Last Choice for intense hydration, 10PM for fatigued skin, Snow Magic as a remedy for dull skin,  and the two masks I was kindly sent to try – Travelmate and Glamour Base.

When Travelmate (RRP £25 for 4 masks)* is ideal if you have been on the the road or on a long-haul flight. Key ingredients of Chamomile Water and Swiss Alpine Herb Extract help to soothe and refresh your skin after being subjected to the harsh, drying effects of UV rays, wind and dry cabin air, while Ginseng helps to reinvigorate and brighten. Another ingredient is Colloidal Platinum, found in La Prairie’s Cellular Eye Essence, so we really are taking about a high-tech, premium product here!

When Glamour Base (RRP £25 for 4 masks)* is the perfect choice when you want your makeup to look flawless and last longer, with Adenosine, Hydrolyzed Collagen and Peptides which smooth out wrinkles and plump up skin and Ginseng extract to regenerate, tone and brighten. The addition of Colloidal Platinum helps deliver these ingredients deep into the skin where they’re most needed.

I’m already a huge fan of sheet masks but these bio-cellulose masks are far superior. Unlike traditional sheets masks these sit in perfect contact with your skin, making them much more comfortable to wear, and they feel so much more hydrating and deliver even greater skincare benefits. 

When Masks are available at Topshop, Selfridges & Co, and Birchbox UK priced at £25 for a pack of four masks.

*PR Sample

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