Bio Oil Giveaway

If you wander down any skincare aisle it is very likely you will have seen Bio Oil. This deeply nourishing oil is celebrated as an effective treatment for the treatment of scarring and stretchmarks and it is known the world over.

Bio Oil (60ml, RRP £8.99)* contains an ingredient PurCellin Oil, which is a synthetic emollient that helps give the oil its lightweight consistency, as well as Vitamin A to help improve the skin’s elasticity, texture and tone, and antioxidant rich Vitamin E. Bio Oil also contains an exhaustive list of botanicals including Calendula Oil, a natural antioxidant that has the ability to stimulate the growth of new skin cells, Lavender Oil which calms and soothes, Rosemary Oil with its mild antiseptic qualities which ease congestion and inflammation, and Chamomile Oil which is particularly good for calming for sensitive skins.

Bio-Oil should be massaged in a into the scar and affected area twice daily for best results. Naturally the outcome achieved will vary depending on the age of the scar, with younger scars having the greatest chance of improvement within a shorter time period. Older scars however will still benefit from the regular use of Bio-Oil.

Bio Oil has a beautiful floral scent thanks to the essential oils it contains, and the texture is lovely, with a silky feel that is quickly absorbed. A word of warning however, and that is a little of this product goes a very long way so it can be quite easy to put apply too much. Once applied however it really improves the skin texture and hydration (see photo above), leaving the skin feeling nourished and comfortable.

I’ve only really mentioned scarring and stretchmarks so far, but Bio Oil actually has many more skincare benefits and can be used on aging skin, dehydrated skin and skin discolouration. Its even great simply used as a moisturiser.

Bio Oil is available in three different sizes, starting at 60ml – 200ml, but why not enter my Rafflecopter giveaway** below for a chance to win your own 60ml bottle?

Best of luck!

*PR Sample

**Terms and Conditions: UK Only, giveaway ends 13th August 2016, the winner must reply to my email within 14 days otherwise I reserve the right to draw a new winner.

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13 thoughts on “Bio Oil Giveaway

  1. cheryl hadfield says:

    ive not tried any scarring oils, but after recently burning my hand which has left with with some scarring, would love to try bio-oil

  2. Jodie Pether says:

    I recently split my head open and have a healing scar on my forehead so will be getting some hopefully once it’s more healed.

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