The English Soap Company

Never mind the popularity of shower gels and liquid handwashes, there is something comforting about using a traditional soap, and I don’t seem to be the only one who loves a good bar of soap.

Whilst soap bars may have fallen out of favour over the years there seems to have been a resurgence recently, perhaps linked to the craze for all things vintage or handcrafted, and The English Soap Company* definitely seem to be capitalising on this trend with their range of beautifully crafted soaps.

The English Soap Company came into being when the owners, Bob and Julie, discovered a pile of vintage soap moulds lying amongst some farm machinery. They then spent the next 12 years honing their skills and perfecting their soap recipes, to bring customers their delightful, triple blended soap bars; bars that unlike triple milled soaps retain their moisturising glycerin content. 

The UK made soaps are made from vegetable oils, glycerine and shea butter so they cleanse gently without drying the skin out. The perfumes are specifically blended for the company by expert perfumers, so as you may imagine they smell amazing and so true to life, you could really imagine you are walking through an English garden when you use one.

The packaging of these soaps is so delightful, it almost seems a shame to discard it. Nestled inside the boxes, which open out like precious flowers, and wrapped neatly and carefully in tissue paper are the delicately scented soaps. The Guest Soaps (RRP £2.95) comprise of three individual heart shaped soaps, perfect for travel or for an en suite bathroom, whilst the Large Bath Soap (RRP £5.99) is great for a family bathroom.

Head on over to The English Soap Company website to discover more.

*PR Sample

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