AA Skincare Wipes

Now the warmer weather is here your thoughts, like mine, have probably turned to how you can keep yourself feeling fresh as the temperatures soars. If you’re attending a music festival, going camping, or travelling somewhere and likely to be cooped up on a train or car for several hours, then the ability for you to freshen up quickly and easily is even more important.

An obvious product to keep close at hand for such circumstances is a good cleansing wipe. Now I know some people hate them, and I would never recommend them for everyday cleansing, but for the odd occasion when time is short or bathing facilities are basic or worse, non-existent then a cleansing wipe is definitely way better than sleeping in your makeup, and AA Skincare have two fabulous options to keep you feeling clean when the mercury rises!

When I choose a cleansing wipe I like to make sure it is as skin-friendly as possible, and the wipes from AA Skincare totally tick that box with zero alcohol, parabens or artificial fragrance and packed full of natural ingredients. They’re also made of 100% biodegradable viscose making them environmentally friendly to boot.

The Tea Tree Oil & Aloe Vera Cleansing Bodycare Wipes (25 wipes, RRP £3.30)* are great for freshening up on the go. The tea tree oil in them has antibacterial properties so a quick swipe under the arms should help keep body odour at bay, and if you’re prone to insect bites tea tree oil can even help repell insects – bonus! The wipes are really cooling – even more so if you keep them in the fridge – making them fantastic on a hot, sticky day, and the light scent of tea tree oil makes them feel so refreshing. On a long journey they will be your best friend!

Also available are the Green Tea & Aloe Vera Soothing Cleansing Wipes (25 wipes, RRP £3.30)*. These delicately scented wipes are good for removing makeup, although heavy mascara proved to be a bit more of a challenge. For a quick cleanse or used as a first step in a double cleanse these would be ideal. They’d be great for a freshen up after the gym too.

The Aloe Vera makes these wipes so soothing and gentle on the skin, plus Olus Oil provides a source of moisture so they cleanse without stripping the skin. The wipes are strong, soft and fully biodegrade, so quite literally good skincare doesn’t have to cost the earth!

All things considered these are pretty great wipes and as i’ve come to espect from AA Skincare they are a really good price. I would very happily pop a pack of these wipes in my travel or gym bag!

How do you keep yourself feeling fresh when you’re travelling?

*PR Sample

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