Sinensis Ganoderma Gold Reviving Serum

Sinensis is a story of triumph over adversity. At every turn the creators of this high tech, natural skincare range were told that their aim – to produce a skincare range that was rich in botanical extracts and skin science extracts, incorporated Chinese herbs and was free from all potentially toxic chemicals – was impossible. Turned away by three major manufacturering partners, they finally found a company willing to help make this dream a reality, and after 3 years of extensive testing and experimentation Sinesis was born.

I was very kindly sent the Sinesis Ganoderma Gold Reviving Serum to try, and from the off I was truly excited to try this amazing sounding brand. When the serum arrived it was beautifully packaged and first impressions definitely didn’t disappoint. But really it is the contents that are the star of the show. Read on to find out more.

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YOU Beauty Box August 2016

It is a little late in the month but finally i’ve gotten around to writing my review of the August YOU Beauty Box.

The YOU Beauty Box is usually a favourite of mine but this month’s shortlist was a little disappointing and i’m glad I stuck with the basic subscription, rather than upgrading. The Beauty Solutions Edit promised to pull out all the stops to get us back to looking and feeling our best, and there were a couple of products I liked the look of but nothing that really got my pulse racing. Read on to find out what I picked!

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Facetheory Organic Argan Face Oil

I think Argan Oil is an amazing beauty product and if you are a regular reader to my blog you will probably already have seen me sing the praises of this precious oil which hails all the way from Morocco. I think everyone should have a bottle on their dressing table or bathroom shelf!

Some Argan Oils however can be quite thick, dark coloured or have a strong odour because not all go through the same process to refine them, but Facetheory‘s Organic Argan Face Oil which I discovered recently is definitely not one of those, with a lovely silky texture, light colour and absolutely no trace of odour.

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Mizon Placenta Ampoule Cream

I love Korean beauty products and with their innovative, effective, often wacky formulations it is no wonder K Beauty as it is known has has started to capture the hearts and imaginations of beauty fans in Europe and America.

When it comes to K Beauty i’ve tried lots of bizarre ingredients from Snail Filtrate to Donkey Milk without flinching, but sometimes an ingredient comes along makes me stop and exclaim “really?!” and today I have a Korean face cream to review that definitely invoked such a reaction when I first heard about it.

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AA Skincare Frankincense & Rose Toner

Toning should be an essential part of every skincare, helping to remove minute traces of makeup that may be left after cleansing it also refreshes, rehydrates and balances the skin in preparation for moisturising. I’m betting however, a lot of people out there – myself included – often skimp on that step. Fortunately the product I have to review today not only makes toning a doddle but also a pleasure.

Made using 100% natural ingredients that are suitable for all skin types the AA Skincare Frankincense & Rose Toner (150ml, £7.98)* is a beautifully cooling and refreshing toner. The 150ml recyclable pump spray makes applying the toner so easy either by spritzing it directly onto the skin or on cotton wool. Best of all it also also doubles up as a facial mist, perfect for throwing into your hamdbag or gym kit to quench and refresh dry and tired skin throughout the day.

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Caudalie Instant Detox Mask

Check out my review of Caudalie’s amazing Detox Mask, still one of my favourites and now on offer with a fantastic 30% discount!

Loves and Loathes

The Caudalie Instant Detox Mask launched earlier this year and ever since, as a huge fan of Caudalie’s sublime natural skincare, i’ve been dying to try it. When I saw it was one of the latest Libbie Club deals I was over the moon and now theyre offering a 30% discount on it, it’s an even better deal!


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LUSH Favourites

LUSH are constantly bringing out new and wonderful bath products to update their regular offering. Whether seasonal or limited editions, or new permanent lines, they never fail in their ability to excite eager fans with gorgeous and inventive bath products. In today’s blog I thought I would feature a few of my favourite LUSH creations, some new and some old.

Easter is always a wonderful time to visit LUSH, and is second only to Christmas as my favourite time to stock up on bath bombs. My favourite product from their range this year was the Humpty Dumpty Bath Bomb (£6.95), which not only looked incredibly cute but held a little surprise inside, for when you broke this sizeable bath bomb in two, you found that there was a miniature fried egg-shaped bath bomb inside! The bath bomb featured orange and bergamot, which gave it a sweet, warm and slightly musky scent, and it was large enough to use in three baths which helped soften the blow of the hefty pricetag.

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Perfect Your Pout with Lord & Berry

For more than twenty years Lord & Berry has been crafting fashion forward, high quality makeup. Based in the Italian home of fashion – Milan – the aim of the brand has always been to create makeup for every woman, regardless of age or culture, and every occasion.

Lord & Berry is probably best known for their beautiful lip products – indeed when the company was founded back in 1992 it concentrated solely on eyes and lips – and today I have three very wearable products from their range* to show you.

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Simply Argan Collagen Facial Moisturiser

Over 10 years ago I visited Morocco for the first time and was won over by Argan Oil. Since then Argan Oil has become a mainstream ingredient and can be found in so many beauty products, with its popularity showing no sign of waning.

Simply Argan is a luxurious range of products which contain the purest and highest quality certified argan oil that is ethically sourced and eco cert, and I was very kindly sent their Collagen & Argan Oil Moisturiser to try.

Simply Argan Collagen and Argan Oil Moisturiser (30ml, RRP £45)* with added pure Neroli is rich in natural Vitamin C, which stimulates the production of natural Collagen in the skin, contributing to a complexion which is healthy, radiant and resiliant against the causes of premature aging. The formula also contains hydrolised marine collagen, which is quickly and effectively absorbed into the skin, and vitamins A and E, both of which contribute to healthy cell turnover and protect against cell damage. Daily use of the cream will soon help visibly improve the skin’s tone and texture.

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Dr Organic Moroccan Glow Medium Self Tan Mousse

It’s that time of year when I should already have a natural tan, but sadly the weather here in Lancashire hasn’t really been playing ball. As a result I’m still faking the tan, and at the moment it’s a natural based self tanner from Dr Organic which is helping me to achieve a golden glow in the absence of the summer sun!


The Dr Organic Moroccan Glow Medium Self Tan Mousse (150ml, £14.99)* is a more natural alternative to get that enviable sun-kissed tan. Formulated using a plant based active combined with a blend of bioactive, natural and organic ingredients including organic Argan Oil, this tanning mousse not only lends skin a beautiful sun-kissed glow but is also incredibly rich in vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that are vital for the skin’s health.

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