Libbie Club – August 2016 Beauty Deals

The August Libbie Club products have been unveiled, with everything you need to need for amazing skin this summer. There is even something for K-Beauty fans, so if that floats your boat read on to find out more!

Photo credit: Libbie Club

Deal One: 15% off Indeed Labs Nanoblur (30ml RRP £19.99, Libbie Club price £16.99)

This unique product from the cutting edge brand Indeed Labs promises to instantly correct and perfect the appearance of your skin. Used directly on moisturised skin, or on top of make up, Nanoblur noticeably reduces the signs of ageing, including fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores. If you’ve got a big occasion coming up and want your skin to look its best this product will deliver results in an instant!

Deal Two: Nizz Cosmetics Lustre Lipstick (Libbie Club price £16.99)

Nizz Cosmetics specialise in creating vegetarian, hypo-allergenic, paraben-free lip colours. The Lustre Lipsticks are made with a luxurious blend of Fairtrade butter and oils, for smooth application and a creamy, highly pigmented finish.

Deal Three: 20% off Mizon Placenta Ampoule Cream (50ml RRP £25.50, Libbie Club price £20.40)

Despite its scary sounding name the Placenta Ampoule Cream contains no animal products, instead utilising nutrient-rich plant placenta to promote skin regeneration and plump out existing lines. Combined with the moisture absorption and retention properties of Hyaluronic Acid and Trehalose, this cream will leave your face feeling soft and nourished.

Whether you’re a fan of eco friendly makeup or cutting edge skincare this month’s Libbie Club boutique features some really great products. Shop all the Libbie Club beauty deals here and why not make this the month you treat yourself?

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