DHC Eye Zone Care Pack

I love asian skincare and one of my favourite brands is the Japanese company DHC, whose Deep Cleansing Oil I’m a huge fan of. One of their latest products I’ve had the pleasure of trying is the Eye Zone Care Pack which I’m reviewing today.

Inside the resealable packet of the DHC Eye Zone Care Pack (RRP £15)* are six pairs of eyemasks, housed in a moulded plastic pack that is designed to prevent the masks from drying out. The masks contain an elastin and hyaluronic acid rich serum that promises to revitalize the whole eye area and protect your skin’s natural moisture barrier. The formula also contains olive fruit oil to provide further hydration and multipeptides which help to support collagen production.

The masks are easy to use. They’re stuck together in pairs, and all you need to do is peel them apart and apply one to each eye after cleansing. You only need leave them on for 10 minutes, after which you just remove them and gently massage in any remaining serum. I tended to leave mine on a little longer, mainly because I would forget I was wearing them they were so comfortable!

After using the eye masks I noticed my eye area looked noticably brighter and that my fine lines were smoother. I found using them once a week was enough to keep my eye area looking refreshed, so at £15 for 6 pairs they are pretty good value! The Eye Zone Care Pack would be particularly good if you’re experiencing a period of sleeplessness or stress as they really do help to make your eye area look fresh. Alternatively if you have a big day approaching and want to look your best the masks would be fantastic!

You can buy the Eye Zone Care Pack direct from DHC’s website, they are a lovely company to buy from with regular offers and you can also pick 4 samples with every order!

If you want to find out more about DHC products you can also read my reviews of their Liquid Eyeliner and Bubble Foaming Mesh.

*PR Sample

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4 thoughts on “DHC Eye Zone Care Pack

  1. navisugar says:

    I am so in need of a good eye pack! I love that shape they come in too. I’ll have to try them some time! ♡

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