Pink Parcel – August 2016

Sometimes receiving a beauty subscription box each month can feel a little self-indulgent, but when a company combines a beauty box with a practical product suddenly that guilty treat feels a lot more justifiable.

Pink Parcel is one such company that delivers both a box full of beauty treats and a supply of sanitary products, all for the incredible price of just £10.50 per month. If you suffer from heavy or painful periods, or even if you just feel a little ‘meh’ at that time of the month, a Pink Parcel delivery really does help brighten up your day! Now August’s parcel is here let’s take a look at its contents.

The first of this month’s treats is the Sunkissed Shimmer Dust Brush (RRP £4.99), which is an ingenius way of adding a bit of a bronzed shimmer and would be ideal for travel. This isn’t really a product I’d ever think of buying so I’m interested to try it, especially as it looks likes a great product to pop into your handbag.

Second we have the So Susan Haute Light Pencil (RRP £14.95), a creamy highlighter pencil featuring White Truffle and Eyeseryl peptide to help fight dark circles and smooth fine lines. I already have this product as it featured in the Lip Love subscription I used to get so I will probably pass it onto a friend.

Next out of the box is the Cougar Beauty 24 Hour Liquid Lipstick in Mulberry (RRP £15), which promises long-lasting matte lip colour that will suit all skin tones. I love the deep plum colour of mine, it will be lovely for Autumn and Winter.

Moving on is a sample of SASS Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate that is designed to soothe the bikini line post-shave or wax, and also promises to reduce hair regrowth and prevent ingrown hairs. If you like to be perfectly groomed down below this is a fabulous product to try.

The final product is a beautiful London-designed Estella Partlett bracelet (RRP £12.99).

The tasty treats this month are a pack of Emily Fruit Crisps in Crunchy Apple (£1.49), a box of Jealous Sweets (£2.50) and a Teapigs Matcha Shot.

Included in each month’s box is an ample selection of tampons or sanitary towels (you choose your product type and brand), and a handful of panty liners.

This month’s Pink Parcel contains a lovely assortment of treats and at £10.50 it is a complete bargain! If I was being a little picky I’d say that this month’s beauty treats aren’t quite as impressive as recent months, but it’s still a great little box. If you’re always making a mad dash to the 24 hour supermarket for sanitary products because you run out why not give Pink Parcel a try and let them take away the hassle?

Head over to the Pink Parcel website to find out more and get your first parcel for just £6.99!

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4 thoughts on “Pink Parcel – August 2016

  1. Lisa | Thirtysomething Belle says:

    This is actually a brilliant idea! I may have to take a look at investing in a couple of subscription boxes for my teenage daughters (along with the obligatory cuddles and ice cream..)

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