LUSH Favourites

LUSH are constantly bringing out new and wonderful bath products to update their regular offering. Whether seasonal or limited editions, or new permanent lines, they never fail in their ability to excite eager fans with gorgeous and inventive bath products. In today’s blog I thought I would feature a few of my favourite LUSH creations, some new and some old.

Easter is always a wonderful time to visit LUSH, and is second only to Christmas as my favourite time to stock up on bath bombs. My favourite product from their range this year was the Humpty Dumpty Bath Bomb (£6.95), which not only looked incredibly cute but held a little surprise inside, for when you broke this sizeable bath bomb in two, you found that there was a miniature fried egg-shaped bath bomb inside! The bath bomb featured orange and bergamot, which gave it a sweet, warm and slightly musky scent, and it was large enough to use in three baths which helped soften the blow of the hefty pricetag.

My next pick from the LUSH Easter range was the Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb (£2.95). Since its release in 2011 this adorable, pink egg-shaped bath bomb has become a regular at Easter time, probably because it shares its scent with the ever popular Snow Fairy. If you love girly scents and colours this should definitely be on your seasonal shopping list!

My final pick of the Easter range is the delightful A Bunch of Carrots Reusable Bubble Bar (£6.95). Launched in 2014 it had a little revamp for 2016 colourwise, but it is essentially the same product, producing a tub full of soft bubbles, fragranced with a tropical scent that really uplifts the senses. This is a great value product too with each carrot giving you at least two baths.

One thing LUSH are known for is their support of environmental issues, and this next bath bomb was created to support one of their causes; the fight to save Britain’s Hen Harriers from extinction. The Skydancer – Far From the Madding Guns Bath Bomb (£3.75) was a limited edition Lush product and all profits from its sale went to help fund the satellite tagging of future hen harrier chicks. Skydancer was richly scented with bergamot, sicillian lemon and cinnamon leaf oil, the perfect blend for relaxation. I love seeing what new cause LUSH are supporting, and it feels great knowing that your purchase is helping to make a difference. 

As a child my favourite author was Roald Dahl and LUSH named their Fizzbanger Bath Bomb (£3.75) in honour of his character The BFG. This bath bomb is rather unassuming, and often gets overlooked, which makes me a little sad as this bath bomb gives quite an impressive display, as the blues and yellows whirl and froth around the tub, and the popping candy adds crackling sound effects; as a result it’s become a regular purchase of mine. Cinnamon leaf oil, Petitgrain oil, Ylang Ylang oil and Gardenia provide a herby, floral and slightly citrusy aroma which is lovely. Unlike the seasonal and limited edition products this bath bomb is available year round and I really recommend you try it out if you haven’t already!

So there you have some of my favourite LUSH products, but I’d love to hear yours too, so please feel free to leave a comment!

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