Libbie Club – September 2016 Beauty Offers

It’s the 1st of September so that means it’s time to say hello to this month’s fabulous Libbie Club beauty offers. I’ve had the products for about a week so I’ve already been testing them out and can safely say they’re great, so let’s take a brief look at the products and deals. Remember that as always I’ll be bringing you in depth reviews on each of them too!

Deal One: Dr Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peel – £15 for 5 day supply

Dr Dennis Gross Skincare has created this simple to use and highly effective 2-step daily peel that uses a patented blend of alpha and beta hydroxy acids to renew the skin’s surface, reducing the appearance of fine lines, enlarged pores and uneven skin texture. For £15 you can try this fantastic at-home skin peel yourself!

Deal Two: Paul Yacomine Micro Duo – £16.50 (worth £24)

Hairdresser to the stars, Paul Yacomine has created these Micro Treatment Oils to give tired, dull or mistreated hair a real deep treatment, but without the build-up! A blend of rich plant oils are combined into these superfine hair serums to restore, revive and replenish lacklustre locks. Not only that, they leave hair smelling gorgeous too!

Deal Three: 20% off Evolve Beauty Hyaluronic Serum 200 – £22.40

Handmade, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, each bottle contains 200mg of Hyaluronic Acid in a base of soothing Rosewater, which is proven to hydrate the skin from within, as well as plumping up any fine lines or wrinkles. 99% natural the serum is free from nasties and has a lovely light texture that sinks into the skin without any trace of stickiness or greasiness!

If your hair is desperately in need of some TLC following the summer, your skin is thirsty for more hydration, or you fancy stepping up your skincare with a daily peel there is a product in this month’s selection that would be ideal, so why not check out the Libbie Club beauty deals here and treat yourself?

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3 thoughts on “Libbie Club – September 2016 Beauty Offers

  1. Lady E Online says:


    I was just wondering if you are aware of what happens if you do not complete all of your months tasks? I completely forgot about mine so I have not received my Libbie Box 😦

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