Paul Yacomine Micro Duo Review

Recently my hair really has been misbehaving; it feels dry and coarse and gets knotted very easily, yet when I introduce any sort of deep conditioner or oil to smooth and hydrate my hair instantly feels greasy and weighed down! So when I tried the Paul Yacomine Micro Duo which is one of this month’s Libbie Club offers it was with some trepidation. Would this be yet another disappointment?

Luckily this pair of oils were exactly what my hair needed and I can genuinely say in just two weeks of use they have transformed my hair and become must-have products. Designed not leave build-up on the hair nor weigh it down, they have really left my hair feeling cared for, looking nourished and feeling strokably soft. Not to mention they smell absolutely divine and feel so luxurious – making them a real joy to use!

First up is Micro Treatment Oils; a sophisticated take on a traditional smoothing serum, starring a brilliant, lightweight blend of oils – including argan, rose, rosemary and geranium – which fortify the hair and replenish precious moisture. The addition of UV filters protect from the damaging effects of sun exposure, salt water, chlorine and heat styling making this product fabulous for anyone jetting off to sunnier climes! A small amount applied onto damp hair prior to styling really helps to detangle and soften the hair, leaving it smoother and more resilient.

Moving on is Microfinish No 3; a silky blend of organic, essential oils including rose, rosemary, geranium, grapeseed and almond which penetrates the hair shaft to boost moisture and create a mirror-shine finish. This intensive, yet lightweight treatment is perfect for controlling, detangling and de-frizzing thick, unruly hair types – as well as for providing protection during heat styling. The oil is simple to use, just apply a few drops to the palms of your hand then distribute through the lengths of still damp, towel-dried hair before heat styling as usual. The heat helps the oils to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft, softening and smoothing the hair. The result is hair which resists snagging and breakage and that looks shiny and healthy. You can also smooth a few drops through dry hair to further enhance shine.

Before using these products I was really at my wits end with hair that was dry and rough one minute, lank and greasy the next! The Paul Yacomine Micro Duo has really helped to restore balance, manageability and health… and my sanity. I’m now proud to show off my hair and not just resort to pulling it back into a ponytail!

Paul Yacomine is known for working with celebrities including Elle Macpherson, and I can really see why these products are favourites with the A-listers! And now you can join the likes of Elle and try this fantastic hair treatment duo yourself for just £16.50 – saving £7.50 – over at the Libbie Club. So if you’ve got unruly, frizzy or dry hair why not give them a whirl?

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