Unwash – The New Clean

The way we wash our hair keeps making headlines recently, from co-washing to the no-poo method, whether we should shun SLS or silicones, how often we should shampoo… someone always has a different opinion and it can be pretty confusing.

Calling themselves ‘The New Clean’, Unwash is a relatively new haircare brand from the US that has taken some of these ideas and translated them into a regime that is simple to understand, with products that are gentle and fit into our busy ‘wash & go’ lifestyles. I was recently sent some products to try and I had quite different results with them, some great, some not so great.

First up is the Unwash Dry Cleanser (RRP $28)*. With oil-prone hair that usually requires daily washing this product got the definite thumbs up from me. It absorbed excess oil and allowed me to skip hair washing for a day without my hair feeling too icky, something that before was pretty unheard of. It also, like all of the Unwash products, smelt lovely!

The next product I tried was the Try Me Kit (RRP $25)* consisting of a trio of travel sized Unwash hair products; an Anti Residue Cleanse, Hydrating Masque and Bio Cleansing Conditioner.

The Anti Residue Cleanse is a mild clarifying shampoo designed to gently remove buildup without stripping the hair of natural oil. As far as shampoos go it was ok, but not mind blowingly good. It took two washes to get any sort of lather and even then it didn’t feel particular effective at clarifying. I think it would be OK for clean hair without too much product residue, or for dry hair types, but for oily hair it just wasn’t cleansing enough and left me wanting more of a squeaky clean feeling.

The Hydrating Masque, which is designed to be used after the shampoo, I felt was too heavy and again didn’t suit my oily hair, leaving it looking very greasy. Looking at the ingredients I suspect it may be the Amodimethicone, which is the second ingredient, that left the buildup. To be honest I was surprised to find a silicone so high up on the ingredients list, especially in conjunction with an SLS free shampoo that aren’t known for being very effective at removing silicone.

In all honesty it also felt strange using what was to me quite a heavy conditioning masque when I’d just used a clarifying shampoo to remove excess oils and buildup. Had I got dry hair I feel my tresses probably would have loved this hair masque but my greasy mop just didn’t want to play ball.

The last product in the trio is the Bio Cleansing Conditioner. As the jewel in the crown of the Unwash concept I so wanted to love this product, because the idea – a gentle cleansing conditioner that replaces your shampoo and condtioner – sounded amazing, but unfortunately it just didn’t work for me. No matter how hard I tried the product left my hair weighed down and really lank, coated in a greasy residue that I could actually feel on my hand if I ran it over my hair. The clean, volumised tresses just didn’t happen, in fact I had to plait my hair just to disguise my greasy excuse for hair. Again I think this product would probably suit dry and damaged, or thick and course hair better.

I’m really upset my hair didn’t suit this kit. I’ve read a tonne of really positive reviews all over the internet so clearly the products suit other people and Unwash are doing something right. They are such beautiful looking products and would really fit, not only my hectic lifestyle, but also my desire to avoid harsh products and keep my hair healthy. Sadly however for me it is back to the drawing board and whilst the Unwash Dry Shampoo will be going on my ‘must-buy’ list the rest of the range will be joining the ‘not for me’ pile, and I’m genuinely gutted!

If you’ve tried Unwash I’d love to hear how you got on with the range!

*PR Sample

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