Facetox Review

As we move into Autumn and the weather turns colder complexions can lose their radiance. Harsh winds and drying central heating combine to create havoc to our skin, and if you’re also fielding the kids back to school and batting germs left, right and centre, well your skin will know it!

Facetox is to the complexion what a detox is to the body – a chance to deep cleanse, nourish and rebalance. The Facetox (7 treatments, RRP £24.99)* masks come in sachets that are designed to be mixed at home, this ensures purity of the ingredients is maintained without the need for chemical preservatives, but also when the unique blend of clay is mixed with the Rosa Damascene flower water a negative charge is created which literally ‘pulls’ the toxins from your skin. If you suffer from dullness, congestion, blackheads, acne or hormonal breakouts, Facetox is just what you need to help keep your skin in check.

The clay and rose water used in the Facetox masks are 100% organic and collected using the best techniques to ensure optimal benefits for your skin. With no nasties the formula is also suitable for sensitive skin types.

The FaceTox system consists of seven 30g mixed clay FaceTox Blend sachets, seven 30ml organic Rose Water sachets, and a plastic bowl and spatula for mixing. Used at the recommended frequency of once a week it is enough to keep your skin clear and radiant for just under two months.

Mixing and application is fairly straightforward, simply tip the contents of both sachets into the bowl and stir together until a smooth but thick consistency is achieved. The directions state to apply the mask to a clean, dry face using the spatula. As with most masks it is important to avoid the delicate eye area, mouth and nostrils. After waiting 20 to 30 minutes for the mask to dry you simply rinse the mask off using warm water or if you prefer a soft flannel. Pat your face dry and apply your usual moisturiser.

As the mask sets you will feel a pulling and tightening of the skin and you may also occur slight redness after washing off the mask, however this is perfectly normal and will disappear in about 30 minutes. I didn’t experience any redness after use, just soft, smooth and very clean feeling skin and a bright, clear and healthy looking complexion. I was pleasantly surprised as I thought the mask may be quite drying and very stripping, but in actual fact despite my skin feeling very clean and free from oil it still felt comfortable and supple. Perhaps this is because of the soothing rose water.

The only slight negative is that having to first mix the mask yourself then leave on for 30 minutes means this isn’t a quick treatment and you have to set aside at least 30-40 minutes to use, and I did find that there was way too much product per sachet for one just mask, however this does mean that you can use the mask together with a friend or your partner – bonus!

You can purchase Facetox yourself or find out more over on the Facetox website.

How do you keep your skin balanced? I’d love to hear what your regime is!

*PR Sample

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