The Library of Fragrance Jasmine

The Library of Fragrance is a unique way to experience scents, each one a simple, single note which is instantly recognisable and evokes strong memories.

I’ve tried a number of scents from The Library of Fragrance – Fresh Ginger, Gin & Tonic and Thunderstorm being favourites – but my latest is Jasmine (30ml,(Libbie Club price Β£14), a scent so true to life I was instantly reminded of the beautiful Jasmine plant I owned many years ago and which sadly didn’t survive a house move. Ever since I’ve always longed to be surrounded by the scent of Jasmine again, but until now had never found anything that came close to the real thing.

Largely grown in the French region of Grasse, the home of perfumery, Jasmine is one of the flowers most valued by perfumers, and its not difficult to see why. Its ecotic, warm and heady perfume is captured perfectly by the Library of Fragrance and I receive so many compliments when I wear it. The perfume is quite strong and distinctive, so it probably isn’t for shrinking violets, but it will be loved by people who like to make an impact and have their scent noticed by others, and it has a really good longevity.

As with all The Library of Fragrance colognes, this scent can be layered to create another that is unique to you. For a clean note, layer with Musk #7; add a floral note with Orange Blossom; Thunderstore adds a fresh note, Sex on the Beach adds a fruity twist; finally for spicy note, layer with Patchouli.

I love the clean lines, and fuss free packaging of The Library of Fragrance colognes, and they look great lined up on your dresser ready to mix and match. Once you’ve bought one, I guarantee you will want more!

If you want to try The Library of Frangrance yourself head over to the Libbie Club Boutique where you can choose from seven of their most popular scents including Jasmine, Gingerbread, Gin & Tonic and Baby Powder.

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