Gel-A-Peel Review

Gel-A-Peel from MGA Entertainment is a unique way for children to design and make their very own accessories. Available in a wide variety of colours, and including glitter effects, Gel-A-Peel is perfect for kids that love art and crafting.

The Gel-A-Peel Neon Kit (RRP £14.99)* I was sent to review recently is a must for any budding Fashionista or designer. Including 3 neon coloured gel tubes, jewellery findings, and templates, there is enough to make around 60 fashionable accessories from bracelets and cuffs to earrings. The gel also sticks to and sets on fabric so you can design your own makeup bag or pencil case.

The principle is quite simple, although the technique will take some patience and a little practice for younger children. You attach a nozzle to the gel tube and squeeze the tube, a little like icing a cake, onto the mat. You can use the templates provided or your own imagination to create your very own pieces of jewellery, and there are also different shaped nozzles to help you achieve different effects. The gel air dries to a flexible, rubber-like finish in around 5 hours, and the resulting jewellery is lightweight and safe to wear.

One downside of the Gel-A-Peel kits is the instructions are written in five languages which means they are quite small and not as clear as they could be. It would be great if the instructions were larger and easier for children to read and work out independently. The completed design can be quite fiddly to remove from the mat so the help of an adult may be required. Care also needs to be taken to avoid fabrics as I’m not sure the gel would easily removable if accidently spilled or trodden into carpet. Aimed at 8 years upwards I think this kit would need a good level of adult supervision for those at the lower end of the age group.

This is a great kit for older children that love art and creating things, and with the gel being sufficient for over 60 creations it’s also fantastic value. With extra single packs priced at £4.99 you can purchase extra colours easily and inexpensively.

Gel-A-Peel kits are available at most well known toy retailers.

*PR Sample

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