Half Term Cooking Fun with Num Noms

Num Noms are cute little collectibles that are food themed and each one is scented to match the food it represents. They’re great for imaginative play, or to help younger children learn different food groups, and you can also use them together with your child to invent zany food combinations.

We have been kindly sent the Num Noms Diner Jumbo Combo Deluxe Pack (RRP £14.99)* and Brunch Brunch Starter Pack (RRP £9.99)* to review, which include some popular foods and very cute characters including Hammy Burger, Lemony Cola, Berry Cakes and Willy Waffles (much to my amusement). Each set also contains at least one base character, known as a Nom, onto which you can stack the Nums. The Noms in these sets are battery operated and move; set them moving in the pan and they look like they’re frying away!

This Half Term my 5 year old daughter and I have been having lots of fun in the kitchen, using Num Noms as our inspiration to cook up some tasty treats, from creating our own pizza toppings to making ice cream sundaes. And whilst our flavour combinations haven’t been quite as zany as the ones in the Num Nom sets they have certainly tasted nom-tastic!

The Num Noms have definitely proved a hit with my daughter who loves the funny faces and smelling them – although she prefers the sweet scents to the savoury ones – and she’s already been asking for the Lip Gloss Truck Set for Christmas, so I can envisage the house will soon be overrun with them! I have to confess as a fan of Japanese Kawaii I’m rather smitten by the cute little creations myself, however putting my grown-up hat on I do wish there were some healthier foods such as fruits and vegetables included in the sets.

If your child is a bit of a fussy eater it’s a really good idea to allow them to get involved in the cooking process, from meal planning to handling the food and allowing them to help you prepare the food. I imagine Num Noms could also be a great way of getting them to experiment and try different foods, as it helps make the experience fun rather than stressful. This is another reason why I think it would be great if Nom Noms featured more healthier options.

Stackable, interchangeable and so much fun, you will find Num Noms at most major high street toy retailers including Toys R Us, The Entertainer and Argos.

*PR Sample

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