EasiYo Yogurt Maker

EasiYo was an idea dreamed up over 20 years by a New Zealand farmer who wanted to provide healthy yogurt to his growing family, one which was fresher and cheaper than store-bought yogurt. Thanks to its simplicity and ease of use, not to mention the tasty yogurt it produces, EasiYo has become an international success story and today I’m featuring their new and improved Yogurt Maker.

The redesigned EasiYo Yogurt Maker (RRP £17.99)* incorporates a host of technical, ergonomic and thermal improvements over the previous model. It makes 1kg of Yogurt and all parts are manufactured from US and UK FDA approved polypropylene, which are completely free from polycarbonate, BPA and any form of anti-environmental hormones. Available in a variety of colours I love this bright red one!

Making EasiYo Yogurt is pretty straight forward. First of all you half fill the EasiYo jar tepid water then pour in the Easiyo sachet, pop on the lid and shake until mixed. Once mixed add a little more water until the jar is filled to approximately 5mm below the rim, then shake again. Next you pour boiling water into the EasiYo Yogurt Maker to the mark indicated, then pop the jar inside. Finally screw on the Yogurt Maker lid and leave on your worktop for 8-12 hours for natural fermentation process to take place. Once the Yogurt has set (it could require a little longer dependant on the ambient temperature) transfer the jar to the fridge to cool fully before serving.

The secret to EasiYo’s success is the sachets which have all the ingredients you need, in the right quantities, to create the yogurt. You don’t need any prior experience or knowledge, in fact you could be a complete novice when it comes to baking or cooking and still prepare the most delicious Yogurt. All you need to do is simply add tepid water to the blend of milk powder, high quality live bacteria cultures, natural flavour and colour extracts, mix and leave to set in the Yogurt Maker. Because EasiYo comes as a powder it can be stored in your cupboard, where it has a good shelf life, until you wish to use it. Once made the yogurt itself will keep in the fridge for up to two weeks, although the fresher you eat it the better!

The resulting yogurt has a lovely creamy texture and the perfect consistancy, and best of all it’s free from artificial ingredients and is really fresh. EasiYo contains billions of ‘good’ bacteria in every spoonful, which are fantastic for maintaining a healthy tummy and because it isn’t hung around on a shelf like store bought yogurts these bacteria are plentiful and at their most potent.

EasiYo sachets are available in lots of great flavour varieties and there are also smoothie mixes, plus fruit purees and toppings which you can add to your yogurt. As well as the one litre jar you can get 500ml jars which enable you to make a smaller quantity of yogurt – great for small families – and 250ml Lunch Taker pots that are fantastic if you want to take your yogurt to work or school.

I’m loving my EasiYo, it is cheaper than store bought yogurt, tastier, and without all those little pots that supermarket yogurt comes in the EasiYo produces less waste!

You can find out more about EasiYo as well as shop for products here. Alternatively, if you prefer to shop on the high street, Holland & Barrett are also stockists!

*PR Sample

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