L’Or des Pharaons Face Mist

Skincare doesn’t get easier than using a facial mist – even those of us with the busiest lifestyles can find a second to spritz on a mist to nourish, hydrate and hydrate the skin – but as with all things not all facial mists are created equal, with some being far more sophisticated and potent. The product I’m reviewing today from The Health Factory is definitely one such example.

L’Or des Pharaons (15ml, RRP £40)* is a sublime face and body mist featuring real gold, which has been designed to enhance your natural complexion and help keep its youthful radiance. The product contains no chemicals, just purified water, and monatomic, diatomic and nanoclusters of pure gold, platinum and zinc. These precious metals have been added in the smallest particles possible, enabling your skin to quickly absorb them and reap maximum benefits!

The ancient Egyptians considered gold to be a gift from the Gods – a beauty elixir which helped them to stay young, healthy and beautiful – and ancient manuscripts reveal how gold was used for face masks to preserve the skin, as well as to rejuvenate and extend human lifespan. Back in the present day skincare scientists have taken these teachings and combined them with modern, cutting edge technology to create L’Or des Pharaons, a mist which combats the visible signs of aging at cellular level and helps rejuvenate your skin, defying the effects of time.

Applied on clean skin prior to moisturising or make-up application L’Or des Pharaons’ pure ingredients are rapidly absorbed deep into the skin layers, where they will have maximum impact – the gold has anti aging properties, zinc aids in regulating oil production and platinum helps to tone, firm and regenerate your skin. A simple spritz in the morning and evening is all you need so there’s no excuse why you can’t slot this anti-aging miracle into your existing skincare regime!

This product feels really refreshing on the skin and is absorbed very quickly, leaving my pores looking smaller and my skin feeling a little firmer. Non greasy and free from allergens the colourless and odourless mist is perfect for all skin types, including oily and sensitive. You can buy yourself a bottle of L’or des Pharaons online here.

If you’ve tried this facial mist I’d love to hear your thoughts.

*PR Sample

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