My Perfect Eyes

Today i’m reviewing My Perfect Eyes, a non-surgical cosmetic product which temporarily erases puffiness, fine lines, dark circles and wrinkles in minutes, yet lasts for hours. Sounds like a miracle doesn’t it? I was certainly intrigued and eager to see if the results were as good as the product claimed on its website, so read on to find out how I got on!

My Perfect Eyes (10g, RRP £29.95)* has been developed by Dr Hugo Kitchen, who has over 25 years experience in advanced non surgical aesthetic treatments. Working in 30 seconds and lasting for up to 10 hours the product forms an invisible film that tightens, firming the area beneath the eye and smoothing out any wrinkles or puffiness.

If you are prone to dark circles and puffiness, or embarrassed by fine lines and wrinkles that make you feel old before your time, My Perfect Eyes is the ideal temporary fix. It is perfect for anyone suffering sleepless nights, perhaps due to a new baby or ilness, or who works shifts and wants a product to disguise their tired eyes and give the illusion of a full night’s sleep!

In order to achieve best results My Perfect Eyes must be applied directly on to clean, dry skin so that means no make-up, moisturizers, traces of cleansers or eye creams must be on the skin. Ensure you give the bottle a little shake, and if the product appears slightly gritty still you just need to put the lid on and give it another shake. Next swipe the wand on the back of your hand and get a pea size amount, which will be enough for both eyes, and starting on the inside corner of the under-eye area, sweep the product out, covering the whole of the area from the lash line to the cheekbone. Don’t dab it on like you would an eye cream. Finally look straight ahead while it dries. You will feel a tightening of the skin which is perfectly normal.

Application can take some practise, because if applied incorrectly you can see a white powdery residue when the product dries. This is usually due to either applying too much product, not shaking the bottle enough, or their being some other product on your skin that is interacting with the active ingredient in My Perfect Eyes. Once you master the application you will get the results you can see in my before and after photo below:

I’m really impressed by the results of My Perfect Eyes. It dries down to a matte, velvety texture which gives the skin the appearance of being airbrushed to perfection, and it really brightens the undereye area and smoothes the skin, leaving it tighter and restoring youth and vitality. But if you don’t want to just take my word for it, visit the My Perfect Eyes website for more testimonials, photos and application videos.

You can find My Perfect Eyes at Lloyds Pharmacies.

*PR Sample

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8 thoughts on “My Perfect Eyes

  1. Wendy clennell says:

    Although it works brilliantly there’s no way I can stop the white powdery area appearing .I’ve tried using less,shaking the bottle longer .even light foundation on top won’t cover it.. This has put me off using it daily as it takes too long to perfect it.what else can I try?

  2. Isla murdoch says:

    I’m afraid thus has gave me some kind of reaction. Purchased today along with my sister. She’s loving it already. I have itchy runny eyes . one if my cheeks is swollen just starting to cool down. At £29 its been an expensive buy which has not worked for me.

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