The Hero Project UNDO Bi-phase Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

Hands up who’s addicted to heavy eyeliner or lashings of mascara? I love wearing lots of eye makeup when I go out but so often eye makeup removers aren’t really up to the job, and no matter how much I scrub at my makeup to remove it I still wake up with panda eyes and the remnants of last night’s mascara all over my pillow slips!

I always swear by a Bi-Phase makeup remover for removing stubborn makeup so when I heard that The Hero Project was launching their own and that it was one of this month’s Libbie Club offers I was pretty excited to see how this product compared to my usual favourite. The Hero Project is a company which only launched last year but is already gathering a following of loyal fans, and I had already fallen head over heals in love with their Hyasoft Gel and Glow Drops. Would I rate their latest offering? Well the proof of the pudding is in the eating, or in this case testing, so read on to find out.

The Hero Project UNDO Bi-phase Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover (160ml, RRP £16 Libbie Club price £14.40) has a dual-action micellar and bi-phase formula which makes light work of even the heaviest eye makeup. With soothing chamomile and skin softening cornflower extracts it is gentle on the delicate eye area and the addition Hyaluronic Acid gives the skin a burst of hydration. All you need to do is simply shake the bottle to activate the formula then apply to a cotton pad and sweep it over your eyes and lashes, where it makes short work of removing even heavy makeup without leaving any greasy residue. Even if you are a contact lens wearer like me or have sensitive eyes this product is suitable.

We all want our mascara to last without flaking or running, and we wear it to the gym and on nights out, so its no wonder cosmetics companies aim to make it long-lasting. Of course that comes at a price and usually means that removing it can be hard work. We know that tugging at the eye area can damage the thin, delicate skin and break lashes but also that sleeping in your makeup is also a huge no-no, so what can we do?! The Hero Project UNDO has really solved this dilemma and cuts through the most stubborn makeup, breaking down even waterproof mascara, to leave eyes and lashes feeling squeaky clean yet nourished and soothed. No rubbing, tugging, or red eyes in this house!

It’s a miracle that a formula so gentle as UNDO is so effective too. It has definitely exceeded my expectations and has earned its place upon my dressing table. It has even relegated my usual favourite Clinique Take The Day Off bi-phase remover to my travel bag!

If you need a hardworking but gentle eyemakeup remover I can hand on heart recommend The Hero Project UNDO Bi-phase Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover and right now you will find it with 10% off over at the Libbie Club boutique along with a host of other great beauty offers! Why not try it for yourself?

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