TEATU Review

With Christmas and New Year around the corner we all want to look our best and fit into those little black dresses, but at this time of year it can be difficult to lose those few pounds. I don’t know about you but as soon as the evenings get darker I go into hibernation mode, curling up on the sofa and eating everything in sight, so when I was approached a month or so ago to try out a 14 day TeaTox from TEATU I jumped at the chance.

The TEATU 14 Day Teatox Programme (RRP £19.99 /14 days or £34.99/28 days)* consists of two packs of specially blended teabags; one blend which is to be drunk each morning and the other blend which should be drunk every other evening. The night time blend contains Senna which can cause a mild laxative effect, so be warned, but fortunately for me I must have a strong constitution as I noticed no change to my bowel habits!

The flavour of both teas is pleasant and refreshing, and the Green Tea, Ginseng, and Chilli in the daytime blend definitely kick-started my day and left me feeling more energised. With Peppermint, Lavender, Licorice and Cardomon the evening drink by comparison felt very soothing and relaxing, helping to ease any bloating you may have after your evening meal.

Results wise I don’t actually own any scales so I couldn’t tell you if I shed any pounds on the TEATU programme but I was less bloated and my tummy looked a little flatter (see photo above).

So would I recommend the TEATU TeaTox? I enjoyed the tea, especially the morning one which easily replaced my usual brew, however I kept forgetting the evening tea because I found making a hot drink before bed just a little strange (i’m more of a wine gal in the evening)! I also think these sort of teas aren’t a magic bullet, and you still need to follow a healthy diet to see any major benefits. That said however if you have a couple a inches you want to shift in a hurry, or you want to feel less lethargic, a TeaTox programme may provide a short term boost and help you get in the mindset to make other changes towards a healthier lifestyle.

If you want to discover more about TEATU, you can find them on their website here.

*PR Sample

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