LOLA Make Up Satin Eyeshadow Duo

LOLA Make Up is a British designed make up brand, originally created for professional makeup artists but now available for us mere mortals to buy in M&S stores and also at The Libbie Club.

The latest LOLA Makeup product I’ve had the pleasure of trying is their eye shadow which has a beautiful shimmer which brightens the eye area and a creamy texture that really feels comfortable on the lids. The LOLA Makeup eyeshadows are highly pigmented to ensure a true colour when applied, while silicon particles and emollient oils offer an ultra-silky touch, excellent adherence, and help to prevent creasing.

The eye shadow has a satin finish with a subtle shimmer in it that looks very grown up. It applies like a dream, feeling very velvety and with no fall-out. This makes it perfect for anyone with sensitive eyes, who would otherwise avoid shimmery eye makeup.

The shade of this eyeshadow is so flattering and very versatile – you can simply wear it alone to brighten the eye area or pair it with strong eyeliner and lashes for a beautiful evening look – and I have totally fallen in love with it! Unlike silver toned eyeshadows which can look dated, harsh on darker skintones or feel like they are for younger people, these warm toned eyeshadows are bang up to date and also suit more mature ladies. They’re also great on olive or afro carribbean skintones.

The two shades featured in the Libbie Club Boutiques are exclusive and cannot be bought anywhere else and right now you can enjoy 40% off the gorgeous Lola Makeup eyeshadow duo making them just £12 for the pair!

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