Lush Boxing Day Sale 2016

Oh dear LUSH. After actually thinking you had got your act together last year with an online Boxing Day Sale that went relatively smoothly, you lose the plot this year with a queuing system that was useless!

After 4 hours getting nowhere nearer to accessing your website I broke my ‘no going to the shops on Boxing Day’ rule and drove to the Bury store. The silly thing was that after a 40 minute drive there, a couple of hours shopping and a stop for a pint, and a 40 minute drive back, when I got home again I was no nearer the front of the queue than I was at 10am (slow hand clap). At 4pm when I finally got on the site only a handful of sale products were left and the site was still incredibly glitchy.

Never mind LUSH, fortunately for me and many other your tireless staff at the Bury store kept the show on the road where your woefully inadequate site let customers down, and I bagged some great bargains including the following:

Butterbear Bath bomb

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb

Magic Wand

Never Mind the Ballistics

Reindeer and Robin FUN

Santa FUN

Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb

Snow Angel Bath Melt

Snow Fairy FUN

Snowcastle Soap

Sparkling Red Slippers Bubble Bar

Stardust Bath Bomb

The Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar

Goth Fairy Shimmer Bar

Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb

Autumn Leaves Bath Bomb

I’m pleased with my haul and am nicely stocked up with bathtime treats for the months ahead, however I was disappointed with the lack of gift sets available in this year’s sale, with only a couple in store and online. In addition the performance of the website was shocking, far worse than previous years. Yes there is high traffic, but this should be anticipated by now. LUSH is no longer the small independent it once was but trades internationally and with an annual turnover of around £272million, so the idea that they can’t invest in a better website server doesn’t hold water.

I’ve actually begun to suspect the website issues have become part of their trademark, and because it keeps people talking about them they aren’t that interested in ironing them out. Whilst this may be a successful strategy I think it’s unfair on their front line Customer Service staff who have to field irate customers, shop staff who are run ragged re-stocking depleted shelves, or to customers who are unable to get to a store. Surely there is a better way of managing the sale?

To add insult to injury LUSH then pulled the sale altogether at around 9.30pm, making an announcement on Facebook and leaving people with items in their shopping carts that reverted to full price. As for the website, there’s still a queuing system to access it 24hours later!

What do you think? Did you manage to grab some LUSH bargains in the sale?

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10 thoughts on “Lush Boxing Day Sale 2016

  1. Ellie says:

    I popped to Bury yesterday too at around 11:30. I took one look at the empty shelves and massive queue and turned around again. I wish I’d have gone in now, looks like you got some decent bits and pieces from the single items.
    I did manage to get onto the website around 6pm though, after being stuck at number 1880 in the online queue for around 8 hours! Rejoined a new queue on my phone and that was moving, although I was at no. 49,000 😂
    Got Snow Fairy, Twilight, Golden Wonder, Luxury Pud, Father Christmas, Shoot for the Stars and Butterbear. Pretty happy with that lot.
    Think I preferred last year’s chaos of the randomness of the refresh screen process. I’ve managed to place orders for the last two years like that. This year’s queue system broke very early on. I rang them direct at 10am to be told were not taking orders over the phone, however, I see later on in the day that others have been allowed to do that. There was no mention of rejoining a new queue because one had gone down and wasn’t going to allow you your place number which was annoying.
    Oh well, let’s see if I get both orders this year, it’s like a Boxing Day tradition now!!
    Enjoy your haul.

    • Helen says:

      The queue actually went down pretty quickly in store, they managed it well. It also helped I got my hubby to stand in the queue with a basket while I ran back and forth filling it. I agree, the refresh screen process though annoying worked much better. The queue system didn’t work at all – at 9.30am I was 13mins away but then it got stuck so had to rejoin way back and didn’t get on till 4pm by which time very little was left.

  2. Jean says:

    I tried to get on yesterday and it wasn’t worth the wait. Even today when the sale is over you still have to wait to get on and once you do the site is slow 😩 No lush bargains for me this year! Glad you got some bits.

  3. notesoflifeuk says:

    Lush have always failed online on Boxing Day. I seem to recall their sale starting on Christmas Day one year and that seemed to work OK, but the website still fell over on Boxing Day. I gave up over the past couple of years and haven’t bothered trying. I popped on the website earlier to have a look online to find that queuing system and I was behind a few thousand people. Luckily, I got what I wanted before Christmas, but it looks like you got some great bargains 🙂

    • Helen says:

      Yeah, it’s not great. And the number of people calling others out for complaining and saying “just go to a store” on their Facebook page werent helping. Some people don’t have that luxury, so yes LUSH do need to sort it out and start providing a service for everyone. X

  4. Nicole says:

    I actually don’t think they need to provide anything to anyone. They have a sale to get rid of overstock, not because we’re owed a sale. And fighting online is no different than fighting in a store. That’s the way the world works. Not trying to be snarky in any way, I promise.

    What I do think was wildly unfair was when they pulled the sale despite still having stock online. That was a dick move, quite honestly. I live in the US and our sale is still going on. They did a massive restock earlier this week, including gift sets. Too bad the UK couldn’t get it together.

    • Helen says:

      No you’re right they don’t ‘need’ to do a sale (the same applies for any brand) however if they advertise a sale then it should really be functional and their site up to the job. People had items in their cart that went up in price because they pulled the sale early – they should’ve honoured the sale prices for those customers. It was badly managed and for that reason people have a right to complain 🙂

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