DHC Beauty Bento

Originating from Japan Bento Boxes are usually filled with food to be taken to school or work. Hugely popular they can be purchased in food outlets but people also take great care over putting them together themselves, selecting the best ingredients and making them look beautiful as well as tasty.

This version of the Bento from DHC Skincare is packed with four delightful beauty treats, perfect for travel or as an introduction to the wonders of Japanese skincare and just like a traditional Bento, DHC have chosen their star performers to delight and impress lucky recipients!

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Spotlight on Vegan Beauty

Hands up if you have gone Vegan for January? The aim of Veganuary is to reduce the suffering of animals by inspiring and supporting people across the globe to go vegan for the month of January, and many people have signed up to ditch meat and dairy products.

Going vegan however isn’t just about what you do and don’t eat, in fact many vegans also choose to avoid animal byproducts in their cosmetics, whether its beewax, milk proteins or lanolin.

Fortunately vegan beauty has in recent years become more mainstream, with greater choice and far better accessibility than ever before, so you don’t need to compromise your beauty regime for your principles.

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Family Fun with University Games

It can be hard work entertaining children when the weather is awful and with the February Half Term rapidly approaching you may be wondering how to keep your little darlings happy and preserve the peace between siblings.

We like to have a lot of games handy for when the weather isn’t playing ball, especially as we spend a lot of weekends and holidays travelling around the UK in our motorhome, and these two games I’m featuring today from University Games have proved to be huge hits with our 5 year old.

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Libbie Club – Closing Sale

This month we will be saying goodbye to the Libbie Club, which means they are having a HUGE beauty clear out ! There are some great bargains so be had with many products less than half price, so why not check them out here before they get snapped up!

Loves and Loathes

New Year, new you! The January Libbie Club beauty offers have launched and feature some great products to Spring clean your beauty regime, with a deep cleansing balm and detoxifying mask, plus a mineral mascara that will create beautiful 3D effect, lashes for that wide awake look.

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AQUIS Lisse Luxe Hair Turban

If you are fed up of wet hair that takes ages to dry, or have frizzy and damaged hair that needs extra care, you need the AQUIS Hair Turban in your life.

The AQUIS Essentials Lisse Luxe Hair Turban (RRP £30)* is made of a unique material called Aquitex. Super soft and highly absorbant this fabric rapidly wicks water away from the hair, reducing the drying time of your hair. It is also incredibly lightweight, so unlike a towel it doesn’t tug and stretch the hair, meaning its much kinder to delicate tresses. The turban itself is also very quick drying and after half an hour on the radiator or washing line it is bone dry and ready to use again.

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Nelsons Calendula Cream

There are some products no family bathroom cabinet should be without and the product I’m featuring today is definitely one of those essentials.

Nelsons Calendula Cream (30g, RRP £5.39)* is a multipurpose cream which has been carefully prepared using the purest extracts from the Calendula (Marigold) plant, along with protective Beeswax and nourishing Shea Butter. Due to its exceptional mix of antioxidants Calendula is famed for its multiple skin conditioning properties and it has been used for generations to nurture and restore healthy skin, so it is perfect ingredient for soothing and hydrating dry, rough, chapped or flaky skin and helping to gently repair broken or damaged skin.

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Dermasalve Review

Dermasalve is a range of products specifically designed bring relief to dry, flakey and itchy skin and to treat troublesome skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis.

The brand was developed by Dr Mark Randle, a GP with extensive dermatology experience. During his career he noted that many of his patients were finding that their moisturising creams were actually making their conditions worse, and research showed him that all the products currently available in the UK – whether over the counter or on prescription – contained at least one irritant.

This experience inspired Mark to develop his own natural skin care range, one that was free from alcohol,fragrances, parabens,lanolin and other harmful irritants, and with the help of leading Dermatologists from around the world Dermasalve was born.

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Gel A Peel #DesignADiary

Late last year I featured Gel-A-Peel, a great range of craft kits that enable children to design their own accessories using air-drying silicon gel.

Gel-A-Peel sticks to a range of surfaces, including fabric and card, making it fantastic for a variety of home crafting, from decorating t-shirts and bags, to designing your very own phonecase. You can really channel your inner fashion designer and stand out from the crowd.

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YOU Beauty Box January 2017

It’s time for another beauty box review and today it’s the turn of the January YOU Beauty Box who for the New Year have brought us their Detox Edit.

As you might imagine this edit features some great products designed to give your skin, hair and body plenty of TLC after the excesses of Christmas, helping to hydrate, renew and repair. The line-up also features a good mix of both familiar and new brands, so whether you prefer tried & tested products or like me love a new discovery, there is something for everyone. Read on to see what I chose!

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TLC Naturals Grow It Hair Activating Gel

I’ve been growing my hair for quite a while and towards the end of last year it had finally reached a length I was happy with. Unfortunately the ends were badly out of condition and discoloured from a home dye job, so I decided to get the worst of the dry, damaged lengths cut off.

As I lost a few inches to the hairdressers scissors I was really keen to try something to help stimulate healthy hair growth. So when TLC Naturals kindly offered to send me their Grow It Activating Gel to review I was more than happy to give it a try.

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