Instant Whites 7 Day Whitening System Review

If you’ve ever longed for a brighter, whiter smile and have done your research you will know that professional teeth whitening can cost hundreds of pounds. I don’t know about you, but that not a sum of money I can justify!

Luckily nowadays there are a bunch of at-home teeth whitening kits, all professionally developed and safe to use, which you can pick up at your local chemist and the latest I have been trialling is Instant Whites.

Instant Whites 7 Day Whitening System (RRP £29.99)* is an at-home teeth whitening kit that has been developed by a leading team of dentists and scientists that specialise in making professional whitening treatments for dentists worldwide, and the kit promises results in just five minutes, all in the comfort of your own bathroom.

The method is really quick and easy to use. There are no trays to mess about with or anything to mix. The set consists of seven single use swabs – one for each day – which are filled with the tooth whitening solution and all contained within a handy carry case making them great for travel.

You simply push up the stick, which releases the gel and dispenses it onto the swab, and then rub the swab over the surface of each tooth. It suggests that you spend 20 seconds rubbing the solution onto each tooth, or around five minutes for the whole mouth if its easier to time it that way. The gel has a minty fresh taste and it has just the right consistency. Immediately there is a noticable difference as the gel lifts away stains, which you will see in the below photo, and the bonus is it causes no sensitivity or gum irritation.

It’s not a huge difference, nor is it one that lasts very long if you are partial to a red wine or need a coffee fix every morning, but it is certainly a great confidence boost before a night or a special occasion!

You will find Instant Whites in Boots stores nationwide priced at £29.99 for a weeks supply.

What do you think of at-home teeth whitening kits? Have you had any success using them?

*PR Sample

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3 thoughts on “Instant Whites 7 Day Whitening System Review

  1. Claire Talks Beauty says:

    i find these really interesting ! the difference is not huge but they are absolutely worth checking out.

  2. wendie says:

    I love whitening my teeth, but use the dentist made retainer and 15% opalessence. I got my teeth up 15 shades and no sensitivity. You can see my teeth whitening blog over at xx

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