TLC Naturals Grow It Hair Activating Gel

I’ve been growing my hair for quite a while and towards the end of last year it had finally reached a length I was happy with. Unfortunately the ends were badly out of condition and discoloured from a home dye job, so I decided to get the worst of the dry, damaged lengths cut off.

As I lost a few inches to the hairdressers scissors I was really keen to try something to help stimulate healthy hair growth. So when TLC Naturals kindly offered to send me their Grow It Activating Gel to review I was more than happy to give it a try.

The TLC Naturals Grow It Activating Gel (150ml, RRP £33)* is a completely natural hair treatment that promises to promote healthy hair growth. The water-based gel is designed to be applied directly to the scalp, where it penetrates hair follicles for more effective hair growth, and it also soothes scalp inflammation whilst activating redundant hair follicles, combatting male pattern baldness, alopecia, hairloss due to chemotherapy treatment and resulting in an increased hair density.

The formula features Irish Moss, Horse Chestnut, Saw Palmetto and Black Seed Oil so it is rich in plant protein, peptides, silica, organic sulphur, and allantoin; all of which are key to promoting healthy hair.

The Grow It Activating Gel has quite a strong herby scent which is very invigorating and it feels very soothing on the scalp. It is a little tricky to apply due to it having quite a runny texture, and I feel that the product could benefit from a nozzle applicator so you could apply it directly onto the scalp. I found it hard to apply to the scalp without wasting quite a bit on the lengths.

You can apply the gel every other morning following your usual hair washing regime, but although the formula is non greasy I could feel slight a residue and as my hair is prone to greasiness anyway I chose to apply it before bed so it could work overnight.

My before and after photos are taken exactly two months apart. According to experts hair grows between 1/4 to 1/2 an inch a month, so without the Grow It Activating Gel I may have expected an inch of growth in that time frame. I would say my hair grew by at least two inches in the two months I used the product so I’m pretty pleased to have seen twice the average hair growth. I also feel the gel benefited my hair in other ways leaving it feeling stronger, smoother and glossier. I will definitely continue using the gel and would recommend it to anyone wanting a natural treatment to promote hair growth!

You can find out more about the Grow It Activating Gel over on the TLC Naturals website where you will find other hair care products that encourage healthy hair growth. You will find their products currently on sale in the Etsy store and if you use my exclusive code LUV15 you will enjoy a 15% discount on your purchases!

If you’ve tried any of their range before I’d love to hear your thoughts.

*PR Sample

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