Dermasalve Review

Dermasalve is a range of products specifically designed bring relief to dry, flakey and itchy skin and to treat troublesome skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis.

The brand was developed by Dr Mark Randle, a GP with extensive dermatology experience. During his career he noted that many of his patients were finding that their moisturising creams were actually making their conditions worse, and research showed him that all the products currently available in the UK – whether over the counter or on prescription – contained at least one irritant.

This experience inspired Mark to develop his own natural skin care range, one that was free from alcohol,fragrances, parabens,lanolin and other harmful irritants, and with the help of leading Dermatologists from around the world Dermasalve was born.

Dermasalve’s secret lies not only in what in excludes but also what it includes. Dermasalve features many natural emollients all of which have unique properties that help to heal, strengthen and soothe. Highly nourishing wheat germ oil is very high in vitamins A, D, E and essential fatty acids. It helps promote the formation of new cells, improve circulation and repair sun damage. Jojoba oil has antimicrobial properties, which discourages the growth of bacterial and fungal microbes and with a texture similar the skin’s natural sebum, it is easily absorbed and rarely causes allergic reactions. Palm oil is an effective moisturiser due to its ability to penetrate deep into the skin, it is also high in essential fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants. Finially aloe vera is anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and forms a protective layer on the skin.

Amongst the range is the Dermasalve Hand Cream (200ml, £9.99)* which is an excellent moisturiser for dry, hardworking or irritated hands. Because it contains no known irritants it is ideal for sensitive skin or skin that is cracked and broken. I have been applying the hand cream before and after all my household chores and gardening and it has really helped protect my hands from exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals, harsh winter weather and drying compost. It forms an excellent barrier cream and helps soothes any cuts and nicks. The texture is light, non-greasy and rapidly absorbed, meaning I can get on with my day straight after application, and the generous size means I can also use the hand cream on my arms.

The perfect partner to the hand cream is the Dermasalve Foot Cream (100ml, RRP £5.99)*. This helps soften and soothe dry and cracked skin, so it is ideal for anyone that spends a lot of their day on their feet, or walkers, runners and athletes who live in their trainers. Daily application of the foot cream has really helped soften the calloused skin on the back of my heals, preventing the painful cracks that can sometimes appear when the skin in too dry. I like to apply it before bed then pop a pair of cotton socks on. When I awaken the skin on my feet are as soft as a baby’s!

Like Dermasalve’s founder I was never very impressed with the creams the GP prescribed myself or my daughter for our very dry skin. I would have to apply lots of cream before I felt or saw any benefit, and even then the effect was temporary; as soon as I bathed the skin was as dry and rough as it had been before. With Dermasalve I have definitely seen an improvement to my hands and feet, which is more than temporary.

If you’re not happy with the creams you’ve tried to combat your problematic skin why not give Dermasalve a try? The full range is available at Skinsalve and includes a body cream, face cream and a cream for babies and infants.

*PR Sample

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