Family Fun with University Games

It can be hard work entertaining children when the weather is awful and with the February Half Term rapidly approaching you may be wondering how to keep your little darlings happy and preserve the peace between siblings.

We like to have a lot of games handy for when the weather isn’t playing ball, especially as we spend a lot of weekends and holidays travelling around the UK in our motorhome, and these two games I’m featuring today from University Games have proved to be huge hits with our 5 year old.

Yeti In My Spaghetti (RRP £14.99)* is a really simple yet fun game suitable for ages 4 years and older. The aim is to remove the spaghetti without the Yeti falling into the bowl.

The game is great for improving dexterity and hand eye coordination whilst not being over complicated for the littlest ones. I particularly like the fact that you can play with just two players, so if my husband is out I can still play it with my daughter, and there are also no small pieces to go missing.

5 Second Rule Jr (RRP £12.99)* is a game geared towards slightly older children aged 6 years upwards and requires 3 – 6 players. The aim of this game is to name three objects from the description provided on the card in only 5 seconds and progress around the board to the finish line. Although it sounds easy enough it requires quick thinking and fast talking!

This game is a little more challenging so the rules say that the youngest player need only name two objects rather than three. 5 Second Rule Jr challenges all ages, so it is a good choice if you have teens in the family too.

Nowadays it can be so easy for children to sit in front of the TV or play on a tablet but getting together with the family and playing a game is so much fun and really rewarding. And with so many entertaining and varied games on offer there’s no excuse for your children to get bored this Half Term!

You will find University Games’ Yeti In My Spaghetti and 5 Second Jr at most major toy retailers.

*PR Sample

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