DHC Beauty Bento

Originating from Japan Bento Boxes are usually filled with food to be taken to school or work. Hugely popular they can be purchased in food outlets but people also take great care over putting them together themselves, selecting the best ingredients and making them look beautiful as well as tasty.

This version of the Bento from DHC Skincare is packed with four delightful beauty treats, perfect for travel or as an introduction to the wonders of Japanese skincare and just like a traditional Bento, DHC have chosen their star performers to delight and impress lucky recipients!

The DHC Beauty Bento (RRP £13) includes:

Two pairs of DHC Revitalizing Moisture Strips for Eyes which are designed to soothe, cool and brighten the delicate eye area. I regularly use moisturising eye patches after a long day when my eyes are looking tired and puffy.

A pack of DHC Blotting Paper (100 sheets); 100% hemp fibre blotting sheets that absorb excess oil and will help mattify the face. As someone with oil prone skin I always carry a pack of blotting papers with me as the best way to combat excessive shine. They’re great on nights out and special occasions.

A 30ml DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, an effective yet gentle cleansing oil which removes every trace of makeup and lifts grime without leaving the skin feeling stripped of moisture. The cleansing oil is the first DHC product I ever tried and it still remains my favourite by far.

A mini DHC Mild Soap which will cleanse your skin and make you feel fresh in an instant, but is mild enough for daily use. This is great used after the cleansing oil or a cleansing milk as part of a double cleanse regime, to really leave your skin feeling clean and clear.

The DHC Beauty Bento is the perfect gift for those who want to discover a little more about DHC, but it is also fantastic for those who are already fans of the brand and want some mini versions for their travel bag.

If you’re looking to spring clean your skincare regime and introduce some new products the Beauty Bento would be a great buy and at £13 it’s a steal!

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