Crystalife Gemstone Jewellery

Crystalife is a small business which specialises in promoting alternative remedies derived from nature and sells lovely handcrafted gemstone jewellery. Run by alternative medicine practicioner Taylor Hayes the aim of Crystalife is to improve peoples health and wellbeing via the use of Reiki, Crystals and Herbal remedies.

All Crystalife copper and gemstone jewellery is handcrafted using a wide array of jewellery making techniques, from simple knotwork and beading to the complex process of electroforming with copper, and is charged with Reiki energy before being delivered, to ensure the best effects from each stone. It is a harmonious fusion of art, science and magic, which results in pieces of jewellery which are not only beautifully unique but can also transform the life of the wearer.

As with all Crystalife jewellery the Quartz Crystal Pendant (£14.99)* I was kindly sent to review has a organic and earthy quality about it which really shows this gemstone off at its best. The copper itself is applied by the process of electroforming, which results in a perfectly imperfect finish with unique striations and blemishes on the surface. The pendant is then suspended on a matching copper chain, which can be made to size if requested

Quartz crystal is the most abundant gemstone in the world so perhaps rather fittingly it is known as the “master healer” and will amplify energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals. Copper also has healing properties and has been found to have anti-inflammatory as well as painkilling effects, in fact copper bracelets have been used for decades to allievate the symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism. The combination of the two earth elements results in a piece of jewellery which can help to heal and strengthen both body and mind.

It is worth noting that copper jewellery may cause a slight green discoloration of the skin. This is completely safe – in fact some people believe that it is highly beneficial to the body to absorb minute amounts of copper – however if you wish to prevent this you may coat the inside metal in something like wax, varnish or clear nail polish. Copper will oxidize over time too, creating a natural aged appearance, which can be gently cleaned off or left as is your preference. Applying a light coat of wax occasionally will slow down this process, however I quite like the patina the copper takes on as it ages.

Each item of Crystalife jewellery is charged with Reiki whilst being made and then gift packaged in biodegradable, eco-friendly packaging. Because each piece is handcrafted using natural stones, you are guaranteed to have an item that is one of a kind and a complete talking point!

Find out more about Crystalife and explore the full range of jewellery here.

*PR Sample

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