Project MC2 Dolls

Project Mc2 is a Netflix Original series following six smart and sassy teenage girls who are on a secret mission to defeat bad guys using science and technology, and to accompany the series you can now get Project Mc2 Dolls.

Project Mc2 Dolls aim to encourage girls to have an interest in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (S.T.E.A.M), and each doll has their own experiments which explore the different subjects.

I was kindly sent Devon’s Puffy Paint (RRP £24.99)* to review, which alongside a very cool 12″ doll has the tools and instructions to make your own puffy paint using completely safe household ingredients like flour, salt, powdered drink mix, and food colouring. As well as making the paing we learn how each ingredient in the puffy paint plays a special role; the flour makes the paint thicker so it doesn’t leak out of the tube, the salt forms crystals when the paint dries making it appear sparkly, and the drink mix and food coloring provide the colour. Finally as the paint dries a process called evaporation removes the water, leaving a lot of flour and salt behind, making it appear puffy.

The doll and accessories were a little tricky to get out of the box with a lot of tabs and fasteners, but once freed from the packaging I was impressed with all the detailing from rucksack and the little earrings to the ‘real’ eyelashes. My daughter who is approaching 6 years of age really enjoyed playing with her and especially liked her “cool hair”!

It would be great if some of dry ingredients for the experiments were included with the doll but this wasn’t a huge obstacle as other than the food colouring we had everything else we needed. The experiment was easy to follow and the puffy paint turned out well so it is definitely an activity we’ll be repeating. Apologies there are no photos of the process – I had planned a photo shoot over the Half Term holiday but my daughter ended up being very poorly so we didn’t get chance to make the paint again.

My only misgiving about the dolls is that they are very thin and tall, not really promoting a realistic and healthy body image to their target market of 6 years and older, however I do like the educational aspect and the fact that they promote the sciences and technology. The dolls are really cool and make a refreshing change from traditional blonde haired Barbie dolls, so I can see how they will appeal to many young girls.

You can purchase Mc2 Dolls at Toys R Us and other toy retailers.

*PR Sample

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