Gotrovo Mealtime Treasure Hunt

If you are a parent you probably know too well the battles that can ensue at mealtimes as you try to get your little darlings to eat something other than their favourite foods, and if you are anything like me you’ve probably tried all the tricks – hiding vegetables in sauces, convincing them that that their favourite cartoon character loves broccoli – to no avail!

Luckily Gotrovo have developed a lovely dinner set that is both functional and fun, doubling up as a game that helps make mealtimes interesting and rewarding.

The Gotrovo Mealtime Treasure Hunt (RRP £22.99)* is a cleverly designed dinner set that features a treasure hunt style game, which aims to encourage healthy eating and good table behaviour.

Suitable for children aged three plus, inside the box you’ll find a 100% melamine plate, bowl and cup, a double-sided dinner mat, a cutlery set, 10 reward cards and golden coin, instructions and advice leaflet from a nutritional therapist.

The wipe clean dinner mat is designed to resemble a treasure map and because it’s double sided you get twice the fun! The aim of the treasure hunt is to reach the end of the trail and retrieve a reward card. Your child achieves this by eating their meal and using the golden coin to move around all ten steps.

The plate, bowl and cup all feature the same attractive design, and they are lightweight whilst still feeling sturdy. They are a good size even for older children with bigger appetites such as my 5 year old. The cutlery is also lovely and great quality.

The game is quite flexible and there are many ways to play, depending on what suits you and your child’s needs. You can choose how to reward your child, whether that is a treat after each meal such as having a dessert, or whether they collect reward cards for a bigger treat at the end of the week, and the leaflet is full of ideas, so you can really ensure the game works for your family. 

With their Mealtime Treasure Hunt game Gotrovo have really helped to make mealtimes fun, imaginative and, most importantly for us parents, stress free! I think it’s a genius idea, particularly for picky eaters.

The Gotrovo Mealtime Treasure Hunt is available here.

*PR Sample

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