Get Kids into Golf – Online Golf Event

A couple of weekends ago my daughter and I were lucky enough to be invited by Online Golf to the Aparthotel in Manchester for a Get Kids Into Golf Event. The idea of the day was to introduce children to golf by participating in lots of fun games.

Other than the odd game of Crazy Golf and Pitch and Putt I have never played golf, neither had my five year old daughter, so it was a first for us both and we were really excited. When we arrived there were lots of different golfing activities laid out and after a quick coffee or tea and introductions we were split into groups and sent off to learn more about golf.

The first activity we tried was the Pitch and Putt, and the experts on hand showed us how to hold the club, aim and hit the ball – harder than it looked but lots of fun!

The second game we tried was the score board, which was really difficult. The aim was to chip the ball into one of the baskets to score points. Although it was easy enough to hit the backboard, getting a ball into the baskets proved an impossible task but we had fun trying!

The next activity was sponsored by Golphin, who supply children’s golf equipment. At this station we learned how to take a proper swing at the golf ball.

The final game was golf bowling, and the aim was to knock down as many skittles as possible with one shot. Again it looked a lot easier than it was!

After a delicious lunch put on by the hotel we then got some more time to play golf and finally watched a funny ‘Trick Shot’ demonstration, which the children really found fun and engaging.

We had a great afternoon learning more about golf, everyone was fantastic with the children and it was also good to see all the kit that is available for young budding golfers. We have definitely been inspired to go to our local golf club which actually isn’t far from our house to enquire if they have any lessons for children. Huge thanks go to Online Golf for inviting us to take part!

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