LUSH Birthday Haul

It has been ages since I made the trip to LUSH but today it is my Daughter’s 6th Birthday and as she is as huge a LUSH fan as her mummy I promised that I would treat her to some bath bombs and bubble bars. So off we went to LUSH Bury, which is one of LUSH’s newer stores and is always a pleasure to shop in!

The first item we chose was the Over and Over Bath Bomb (£4.25), a zesty concoction of lime and fennel oil with skin softening cooca butter. As the bomb fizzes away it spins, releasing a vibrant display of pinks, oranges and golds.

A homage to The Beatles is the Yellow Submarine Bath Bomb (£3.95), a tropical delight consisting of coconut, brazilian orange, lemongrass and coriander seed oil which is as bright and breezy as it looks. It looks great and upon contact with the water fizzes gently filling the bath with a vibrantly coloured super soft foam.

The Frozen Bath Bomb (£4.25) is always a popular choice in our household so of course that found its way into the basket. Uplifting neroli and precious rose oil combine in this gorgeously scented bath bomb, which fills the bath with sparkling blue water.

The next product we chose actually started life as a Kitchen Exclusive. The Metamorphosis Bath Bomb (£4.25) is described as a symphony of darkness and light, consisting of a dark shell of comforting black pepper and myrrh resinoid to cleanse and uplift your soul, which fizzes away to give way to a brightly coloured core of a warm cinnamon. I have to admit that this was my choice as it appealed to the former Goth in me!

From LUSH’s Father’s Day range is the Superdad Bath Bomb (£3.95) which features an intoxicating blend of guaiacwood, sandalwood and Olibanum oil. Its fun, comic book inspired design really captured our imagination. I don’t think Daddy will get a look-in!

A firm family favourite, it is no surprise that the Rose Jam Bubbleroon (£3.95) features in our haul. Featuring lemon, rose and geranium oil this bubble bar will help perk up your senses, while Fair Trade cocoa and shea butter leave your skin feeling strokably soft.

Another pick was the Modfather Bubble Bar (RRP £3.95) which is a product LUSH actually launched for Father’s Day. This bubble bar releases luxuriously fragrant citrus bubbles which refresh the body and enliven the senses. I love that LUSH is catering for the men in our life, even if we end up using the products ourselves!

Finally we selected the sparkling Sunnyside Bubble Bar (£4.95), a blend of sweet wild orange, lemon and tangerine oils which perks you up and kick starts your day. Who doesn’t love a bit of glitter?

So that is out latest haul and a big thank you to the lovely staff at LUSH Bury who actually gave my daughter the Frozen Bath Bomb free of charge as a Birthday gift.

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