Crystal Clear Beach Glow Tan Drops

If you use fake tan you probably know what a minefield it can be. From streaky formulations, to ones that make you look orange or others that leave behind the tell-take odour, you’ve probably tried them all in search of the perfect beach glow.

The latest innovation I’ve had the pleasure of trying is the Crystal Clear Beach Glow Tan Drops (RRP ¬£29.99)*. These tanning drops firmly put you in control of the tanning experience meaning you get the tan you desire.

The beauty of the Crystal Clear Beach Glow Tan Drops is that you can add them to any of your existing skin and body care products, transforming your favourite serum, moisturiser or body cream into a multifunctional product that not only provides the skincare benefits you love but also give you the tan you desire and the intensity you want.

The drops utilise a unique mix of ingredients to ensure the perfect tan: DHA Plus; a scientific breakthrough to get rid of the normal self-tanning odour, Coconut Oil; to moisturise skin and leave a gentle sheen, making you feel enveloped in luxury the second you apply, and a Clever Sugar Complex that helps deepen the colour of your tan and makes it last even longer before you need to re-apply.

The drops are simple to use; simply mixing 2-3 drops into your cream then applying, avoiding the hairline as you would with any tanner, and ensuring you wash your hands after application.

The Tan Drops are a fantastic way to tan as you can control the colour intensity, so whether you just want to maintain or top up your existing tan, or want to completely transform your whiter than white limbs with a beautiful glow, they are the ideal product to reach for. They’re also great for people with problem skin for who traditional tanning products may block pores or cause you breakouts.

I’ve been adding these drops to my usual body lotion on a weekly basis to keep my tan topped up and I’ve still barely made a dent in the 30ml bottle. I’ve found very little odour and the resultant tan is very natural and non-streaky. I’d definitely recommend you give them a try!

You can purchase Beach Glow Tan Drops direct from the Crystal Clear website.

*PR Sample

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