My First Baby Annabell I Care For You Doll

Until recently my daughter has never really been one for playing with dolls, prefering to draw, play with My Little Ponies, or go on Minecraft (daddy’s influence – much to my annoyance as I really don’t get it). However we were recently sent a My First Baby Annabell I Care For You doll and ever since she has been smitten and plays with her regularly.

My First Baby Annabell I Care For You (RRP £37.99)* is an interactive doll which has seven functions; kissing, feeding, cleaning her face, burping, tickling, changing her nappy, and falling asleep. There is also a free app that you can download to any compatible Smartphone or Tablet which extends the play, including tidying the baby’s room and a bedtime routine, although you can still play without the app. The doll is great for teaching empathy and understanding of simple routines.

The doll is soft bodied and is the perfect size for little hands at 14 inches long. It comes with a removable romper suit and hat, as well as a bottle, face cloth and nappy, all of which are a great quality. Unfortunately batteries aren’t included (it takes 3 AAA batteries) so if you are gifting it to a child to play with immediately I would make sure you buy some to avoid tears!

My six year old really does enjoy all elements of interactive play with the doll, and uses her imagination to have tea parties, feed her, and change the clothes. Baby Annabell has even been taken to Grandma’s for sleepovers!

My First Baby Annabell retails at £37.99, which is quite pricy, however the doll does have a lot more features than previous Baby Annabell dolls, offering a lot more interactive play – especially if you download the app – so overall I think it is good value.

*PR Sample

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