Timeline British History Game

One of the things we love to do as a family or with friends is to play board games. After a meal or on a rainy day its a great way to relax and have a bit of fun, and it’s also a fantastic way to tear the kids away from the TV or social media.

Recently we were sent Timeline British History to try out. If you’re into history or like games that test your mental prowess, this game is definitely one for you. It’s also good if you prefer simple card games that don’t take ages to set up or have complicated rules to learn.

Timeline (REP £13.99) is a simple card game for players aged 8 and upwards. Each player is dealt a starting hand of cards. On each double-sided card is a historical event, which could be an invention, a discovery, a famous art work, or event, with just the name and an image on one side and the year on the reverse. The cards are dealt so players don’t see the side of the cards with the year printed on it.

One card is then turned over in the centre of the table so the year is shown. In turn, players then select a card from their hand and choose where they think it should go in the timeline. Once the player plays their card they then flip it over to show the year. If they were correct, the card stays in place and the next player takes a turn. If the card is in the wrong place, it’s discarded and the player takes another card from the stack to add to their hand. The first player to get rid of all their cards wins.

Even though the game is simple to play it creates a lot of discussion, which can make for a very entertaining evening.

Most of the family will be able to enjoy Timeline, however older players may have an upper hand which could be frustrating for younger players. It is a great way for the younger generations to learn more about British history however. The creators of Timeline, Asmodee have also published a couple of expansions packs, including other countries, which will help to expand play and provide new challenges.

Being a card game Timeline is nice and compact, which makes it easy to take along on holidays or when you’re getting together with friends or family. The embossed tin the cards comes packaged in is also lovely, as is the artwork on the cards.

With Timeline you don’t have to worry about setting up the game or remembering complex rules, so it’s great for beginners or when you’re short on time. It is an ideal game choice for when we are away as a family in our motorhome because it is compact to store away and doesn’t take up much room during play. Because it can be played with as few as two players it’s also suitable to play when our daughter has gone to bed.

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