Hey! That’s My Fish! Board Game Review

Welcome to my next installment of the Bloggers Board Game Club. This month we were sent Hey! That’s My Fish!*, a strategic game in which players take charge of 2-4 penguins (depending on the number of players) in an battle to steal the most fish from the glacier before it melts.

With each turn in Hey! That’s My Fish! the active player chooses one of the penguins that remains on the glacier, and is allowed to move him as far as he wants in a straight line onto a new hexagonal piece; after which he collects the tile where the penguin started. The only two rules are that you cannot move through another penguin, and you cannot move through an empty space left by a previous penguin, or that was built into the game when you set the map up originally. Play ends when there are no more valid moves, at which point whoever has the most total fish is the winner.

Hey! That’s My Fish! is a fun game that is appropriate for all ages, and the concept is pretty simple to grasp. Because you set up the hexagonal tiles yourself game play changes each time, so this is a gane that never grows old or tiresome. It is also travel friendly so you can take it out with you to play wherever the mood takes you.

At first I looked at the cards and small plastic penguins and thought that perhaps they wouldn’t stand up to regular play, but the card is thick and a decent quality so has yet to get tatty, even after weeks of play. It definitely has provided the whole family with lots of fishy fun!

At £11.99 this game is really wallet friendly and won’t break the bank. It gets the thumbs up from me!

*PR Sample

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