6 Signs You’re a Tea Addict

Are you partial to a Rosy Lee AKA cup of tea? I ditched coffee in favour of tea at the age of 17 and haven’t looked back. I love so many different teas, although my favourite is still good old black tea with a generous splash of semi skimmed milk and no sugar (FYI should you ever be called upon to make me a brew). Here are six signs that you could well be a tea addict too.

1. Tea takes up a large proportion of your food cupboard Tea has gradually taken over my kitchen cupboard, so much so that a third of it is devoted entirely to my different blends and brands. Nothing wrong with that, right?

2. You can never find a teaspoon – There are never any clean teaspoons in my kitchen drawer, as they’ve all been used and are either in the sink or on the draining board. This usually means I resort to the fork method or, if I really can’t be bothered, fishing the bag out with my fingers (clean fingers people)!

3. You have a favourite mug – Every morning I use the same mug or, if it’s still in the washing up bowl, my second favourite mug which happens to be exactly the same as the first (#ContingencyPlan). None of these tiny cups mind, or airy fairy porcelain. A proper chunky mug, because anything else just isn’t right.

4. You prescribe tea like a GP prescribes meds – Can’t sleep? Try chamomile. Indigestion? Have peppermint or fennel. Yes I’m one of those annoying people who will suggest you drink a cup of tea where someone would suggest Gaviscon. It’s the reason I have so many teas, because there is one for every ailment or mood.

5. No one else can make a decent brew – We’ve all been there, drinking or rather tolerating an insipid cup of tea. And most of us will be too polite to say it’s awful so we just smile politely or find the nearest potted plant to dispense it into. Even my hubby struggles to make me tea “just so”!

6. Your tea has a special ‘home’ – I recently bought a tea chest to store some of my teabags and nothing made me happier than sorting my tea into the little compartments when I got home. It’s the small things!

Do you tick any of those boxes? If so congratulations; you’re well on your way to being an official tea belly!

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4 thoughts on “6 Signs You’re a Tea Addict

  1. Roxy Starr says:

    I love tea! I actually just bought a whole load of new ones too – the chocolate flake and creme caramel teapigs ones, some fruit tea from whittards and a couple from Bluebird Tea Co. as well. The only thing I can’t have is green tea as it makes me feel so sick 😦

    • Helen says:

      I love the Chocolate Flake tea, it’s like a cup of tea that’s had a Chocolate Digestive dunked in it! I only like green tea cold, as in a matcha shot. Hot green tea also makes me a bit queasy!

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