Ticket To Ride First Journey

The next game I’ve been sent to review in the Bloggers Boardgame Club is Ticket To Ride: First Journey* from Days of Wonder. This game is a children’s adaptation of the popular grown up board game, but whilst being simplified it is still very similar and offers as much fun and challenging gameplay as its older brother.

Ticket To Ride: First Journey is such a lovely game to look at, with beautiful illustrations. It definitely catches the eye and would immediately appeal to both children and adults alike. The gameplay requires some basic planning and thought but the rules can be explained in only a couple of minutes and it is suitable for all the family. 

The aim with Ticket To Ride is to build a railroad spanning europe by constructing train lines from city to city. You are given train carriages to mark your routes on the map and ticket cards that give you the places you need to build routes from and to. Players collect train cards of various colours and when they have collected enough cards of one colour they can be exchanged to buy a route of that colour on the board. Players take turns either drawing train cards or claiming routes and the first person to complete 6 ticket cards wins.

Once the family have grasped the rules – and they are picked up really quickly – the game is so much fun and very competitive, as you can block each other routes and make other players take a longer way round. It is quite a fast paced game and takes around 20 to 30 minutes which is great if your little ones tire of playing quickly. I love that children also learn the names of new countries and pick up geographical knowledge whilst playing.

The recommended age range for Ticket To Ride: First Journey is 6 years to adults, and it is suitable for 2 to 4 players. The game retails at £21.99 from most good toy retailers.

*PR Sample

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