Jungle Speed by Asmodee

My latest instalment of the Bloggers Board Game Club is here and it is a review of the fun family game called Jungle Speed*.

This game arrived just before Christmas and as it is completely new to us it gave us ample opportunity to try it out over the holiday period.

The basic rules of Jungle Speed are pretty simple to work out. Players take it in turns to turn over the top card of their deck and if their card design matches one already on show then a duel is triggered and those players grab for the wooden totem placed in the centre of the table. The player who grabs it first gets rid of their discard pile by passsing them to the loser. The winner is the first player to get rid of all their cards.

To make the game trickier however some cards look identical at first glance but are subtly different. In this instance if you make a grab for the totem in error you’ll be penalized with extra cards from the pot. There are also arrow cards which alter the game play rules: some turn the game from shape-matching to colour-matching, some force all players into a duel together, and some trigger all players to reveal a new card.

Jungle Speed can become quite a physical game as players rush to grab to totem before their opponents, causing clashes or the knocking over of the pole. If two or more players grab the totem at the same time then the winner is determined either by how many fingers a player has in contact with it or by the player with their hand positioned lowest. This rule lead to a lot of heated debate in our household as to who won the dual!

The plus points of Jungle Speed is its portability, as the game comes with its own canvas bag for transportation, and all the pieces are good quality. It is also a great game for breaking the ice at parties and can be enjoyed by young and old alike!

Jungle Speed retails for around £14.49 at most toy retailers.

*PR Sample

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