Moj Moj Collectibles

Collectable, pocket money toys seem to be all the range and today I’m bringing you the newest collectables on the scene; Moj Moj* from MGA.

Moj Moj are little squishy animal characters that come in pairs. Tucked into brightly coloured packaging, they are cute and lots of fun.

There are over 95 Moj Moj animals to collect, including several limited-edition, rare and ultra-rare characters, and as with all blind bag toys part of the fun is finding out what is inside yours!

Like the majority of collectable, pocket money toys these don’t really do anything, so as an adult you may be scratching your head wondering “why?”, but they are cheap, cheerful and my 7 year old loves them which is the main thing. As well as making nice little stocking fillers or party bag gifts, we like buying them as rewards, for things like getting spellings right at school or good behaviour at home.

A bonus of Moj Moj over other blind bag toys is that if you step on one that has been carelessly discarded on the floor it doesn’t hurt!

Moj Moj are available from The Entertainer now, priced at £4.

*PR Sample
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