Cobra Paw

Cobra Paw* by Bananagrams is a game which pits two to six opponents against each other in a mad, tile grabbing battle.

Packaged inside of an eyecatching and sturdy box Cobra Paw features 21 double-ended tiles, two large, black dice and a booklet explaining the rules of play. The dice and tiles are covered with 6 unique symbols and have a nice weight to them. The game is simple to set up, you just need to put all the tiles face up in the centre, select a start player, and away you go!

Each tile is embossed with two symbols which correspond to the symbols printed on the two dice. When the dice are rolled, two symbols will be shown and the players aim is to be the first to place their fingertip onto the tile that matches the symbols. The person that manages to do this then collects the tile and places it on the table in front of them. Tiles you have already collected are not off limits too so it really is up to each player to defend what they’ve already collected – if you aren’t speedy enough you could lose your tile to an opponent! Game play ends when one player has collected a certain number of tiles.

Cobra Paw is a really simple but incredibly fun game. It’s easy for all the family to grasp and is nice and quick to set up and play. For this reason I really love the game because it can be played whenever and wherever the mood takes and it is a great game to fill a little time in before bed, after school or on a rainy day when boredom has set in.

Cobra Paw retails at £15 from all good toy and board game retailers.

*PR Sample
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