Dobble Animals

Dobble is an incredibly popular game that is a twist on the classic card game Snap and it is a really simple game that all the family to pick up and enjoy.

This latest version of the speedy observation game is Dobble Animals* and like its predecessor the aim is to match the identical animal between the cards. Each card has a number of different animals on and upon turning a card over the first player to find the matching creature, shout “DOBBLE!” and slam their hand down on the cards wins. Some matches are easy to spot, others less so, adding more of a challenge to the game.

Dobble Animals is a brilliant game for travel as it comes with its own tin to store the cards and is quite a compact size. It is also really easy to learn and takes no time to set up so it is fantastic if you just fancy a quick game.

With the colourful, attractive pictures Dobble Animals is really eye-catching and is a pleasure to play as a much more interesting and fun-packed version of Snap. It has very quickly become a family favourite in our house!

Dobble Animals is available from a range of toy and games retailers priced at £12.99

*PR Sample
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