Amphora Aromatics Fresh Feet Massage Oil

With all this lovely weather we are having making sure your feet are ready for sandals or to go barefoot on the beach is definitely a top beauty priority, and Amphora Aromatic‘s latest launch will certainly help ensure your feet are in tip-top condition.

Fresh Feet Massage Oil from Amphora Aromatics Limited (RRP £4.80)* is a refreshing blend of peppermint, tea tree and sweet almond oil that is designed to soften even the most neglected feet.

The blend of pure tea tree and peppermint oil really cools and soothes tired feet, plus also helps rid the skin of any fungal infection or odour causing bacteria, so if you’re active and spend a lot of time in sweaty trainers or running shoes this massage oil is the perfect choice.

The massage oil comes in a generous 100ml bottle so you don’t need to be too sparing. When I use mine I always extend the massage beyond my feet to my ankles and calves. It really is a lovely treat after a tiring day, a long run or a hard gym class.

Amphora Aromatics have a whole range of massage oils, and priced at £4.80 they are an absolute steal. I already have my eye on the Athletic Massage Oil and Muscle & Joint Massage Oil as they will be perfect to ease my muscles following a run or intense gym workout.

*PR Sample
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