Pink Parcel – October 2016

It’s that time of the month, which means its time to snuggle up with my hot water bottle and watch a Box Set of my favourite US drama, while I order my husband around to make me a brew! No coincidence that it is also time for my Pink Parcel delivery, which is packed full of all my monthly period needs alongside a handful of other beauty and lifestyle goodies to help you through the week. So what is inside the October box?

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Birchbox – August 2016 Review

The August Birchbox has arrived with a difference… Instead of the beauty products being tucked inside a box they have treated us to a lovely neoprene makeup bag, that will be a handy addition to your summer travels.

Birchbox is a beauty subscription service that delivers a different selection of beauty samples and treats direct to your door each and every month. Costing £12.99 it’s a great way to try out the latest beauty products and discover new brands.

So what goodies were tucked inside my Birchbag this month?

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Pink Parcel – November 2015

Right on cue this month’s Pink Parcel has dropped on my doormat and what an impressive line-up the November box contains! From familiar names to new discoveries, makeup and bodycare, this box contains everything you need to brighten up that awful time of the month; your period.

Alongside those necessary sanitary items, for £12.95 per month the Pink Parcel delivers a whole heap of beauty treats plus a couple of mouthwateringly delicious edible goodies, designed to turn your frown upside down. If I thought the October box was good, then November’s has surpassed expectations. So let’s delve right in and see what’s inside!

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Pink Parcel – May 2015

I never thought i’d find myself looking forward to that time of the month, but when an email arrives alerting my that my Pink Parcel has been dispatched I rub my hands with glee.

The Pink Parcel is a subscription service that reliably delivers your monthly sanitary essentials along with a box of lovely treats for just £9.99 inclusive of postage. If you, like me, are prone to forgetting to pick up those necessary tampons when you go grocery shopping this is the service for you – it takes the worry out of remembering if you have an adequate supply to see you through your period, plus it gives you some goodies to enjoy.

So what gems are hidden inside May’s box?

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Love Me Beauty – September Review

Beauty box company Love Me Beauty teased us for weeks via email about their Beauty Revolution relaunch but sadly, behind the scenes, IT preparations weren’t as quite slick as their marketing campaign and a site that was supposed to be unavailable for 4 hours was still offline 48 hours later.


It seems Love Me Beauty have dropped a bit of a PR clanger this month; not only still taking money on the 5th for a subscription service that was inaccessible, but also changing the way their boxes worked so that people who paid in advance for their boxes felt a little cheated that they were no longer getting the same service they had paid for. The cost of the box has also been increased to £13.95 for new subscribers.

So what do we get for this rebranding exercise?

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